Exploring the magic of ayurvedic massage

Exploring the magic of ayurvedic massageVasudha Bhat
Ever since its inception, Ayurveda has offered a lot to mankind. Ayurvedic massages, in the form of treatment or rejuvenation therapies, have always come in handy.
1. Ayurveda: The Healer
Ayurveda is an inseparable part of our culture. From treating ailments to providing rejuvenation, Ayurveda has been rendering its services for ages. Ayurvedic treatments are usually a part of a holistic therapy that works hand-in-hand with allopathic treatments with the motive to bring out the best results. Ayurvedic treatments given through massages commonly use a combination of pressure, vibration and various motions combined with aromatic oils to give a sense of relief to the entire body. If at any point in life a person has considered taking up these holistic massages to reduce pain and stress then here is some information that could come in handy.

2. Pizhichil
As a part of this procedure, warm oil is poured from a special kind of vessel, known as Kindi, which is placed some inches above the body. While the oil soothes your nerves, a masseuse massages to treat the Vata Dosha. People who suffer from stiffness in the body, fractures, paralysis, paraplegia, monoplegia and hemiplegia can benefit from this massage.

3. Njavarkijhi
This massage is customized to boost the perspiration process in the body. Mostly performed in parts of Kerala, application of medicated oil followed by pressurized massage forms a part of Njavarkijhi. The massage is done with help of small cotton blouses that are filled with special type of cooked rice called Njavara. These blouses are dipped in cow’s milk and herbal paste is applied to boost the production of sweat. This massage is beneficial for the skin and it helps the senses to revitalize.

4. Shirodhara
In this head massage, stimulation of the nerves is the motive. A continuously flowing stream or `dhara’ of medicated or herbal oil is poured on the scalp, which treats mental fatigue, increases focus and clarity and relieves headache.

5. Ubtaan and Elakijhi
In these massages, various herbal or animal centric products are used to treat and rejuvenate the skin. This massage technique improves skin’s quality and nourishes the body.

6. Abhyangam
A full body massage is given in this procedure along with medicated hot oil chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. Proper attention is paid to the temperature of the oil to ensure comfort of the patient. Pressure is applied on certain points, which stimulates various energies and aids release of toxins from the body.

7. Udvartana
This massage is generally used to enhance blood circulation and release of toxins from the body. People with high cholesterol levels, obesity and Kapha dosha can benefit from this massage. A herbal paste or dried herbal powders are applied opposite to the growth of hair, which treats the Kapha and breaks down adipose tissues in the body.

8. Garshana
No oil or herbal powder is used in this form of massage. In this procedure, the body is stimulated using raw silk gloves without application of any lubricant. Light movements in this massage release toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system.
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