Fashion design trends in India

Fashion design trends in India

India’s fashion has welcomed changes in its fashion scene for years. Some have lasted while some are gone with the trend. But the culture is vibrant and therefore ideal for new designs to come and be celebrated.

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  • Puffed sleeves

Puffed sleeves became the favourites in Indian fashion wear since the 1800s and have been loved by women up till the 2000s. Whether in the runway or street fashion, puffed sleeves have been worn in several ways and have been reimagined and improvised with time. It is worn with both Indian wear, fusion wear, or western haute couture. They are no longer a passing trend, and the ballooned sleeves look playful and elegant and can also be tweaked a little to wear off-shoulder. This trend is not to be missed and is here to stay for a longer period of time.

  • Fringes

Many think that fringes are bold and are not very likely to stay at the forefront of fashion in Indian wear. But even in 2020, we see fringy costumes in both western outfits as well as Indian ethnic wear. These costumes look classy and eye-catching on the runway and also amazingly on the red carpet. From off-shoulder blouses to the edges of sarees and kurtas, fringes are everywhere. It provides a rich, luxurious look to any regular costume and is suitable for any body type. It is classy and stylish.

  • Florals of all sorts

Many thought florals are hyped and as they are used in designs of both western and Indian outfits, they are not to be loved for a long time. However, florals have evolved over the years- sometimes delicate, tiny, or big and bold- they have always made appearances on the regular wear as well as runway looks. Floral prints are also loved by men owing to their vibrancy. The designs are versatile enough to go with attires of all sorts and not necessarily for light and daywear for brunches or lunches. They are loved in casual wear, holiday wear, or even designer clothes.

  •  Hand block prints

 Printing on textiles is a years-old designing process where different patterns are printed on the fabric using hand-blocks. The block printing style is the epitome of artistic craftsmanship and patience because it takes time and accuracy to build these garments into beautiful-looking attire. The wooden blocks used for printing are hand-carved and then drench in organic inks to print ethnic motifs on the fabrics. These are now widely available in skirts, sarees, traditional Indian wear as well as a fusion wear.

  •  Sequins

Sequins are worn from sarees to lehengas and even on modern fashionable outfits. They add on the bling of festivity and everyday wear and that’s why it is in vogue. Sequins can be worn in an entire outfit without looking odd as one of the best ways to wear them is by contrasting different shades in one outfit. It can also be paired with patterned skirts or sheer blouses.

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