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Neha Gupta

To make me realize the importance of education, my dad would tell me stories about his youth, such as when he had to walk through snow for miles just to get to the school,” shares Neha Gupta, a Houston-raised entrepreneur that is now helping teenagers from all over the states to get admitted into the colleges of their dreams. She then adds: “Now, I question how there was snow in Delhi, where he lived before moving to Texas. But his message still sticks: there is nothing more important than education to make your dreams a reality.”
In the past 12 years, Neha has helped over 14,000 students get into the colleges of their dreams. 95% of students who have followed Neha’s guidance have been admitted to top three colleges of their choice. If you have a teenager at home, you might be wondering if there is a formula that one can learn to achieve similar results.

With such a success rate, Neha’s method could truly be called a formula. However, there is more to it than just a handful of tips proven by years of experience. When listening to Neha speaking on a stage, many parents around the country don’t just hear a tutor with some good advice for college admission. They hear a person who can look at their child and see the next President, the next Olympian, or the next rock star.
This passion for education and uncovering students’ potential is rooted deeply in Gupta’s own story. As a daughter of immigrant parents and a first generation American, she has never been short of reminders of her parent’s hard work, sacrifice, and determination.
“My parents moved to the US with $20 in their pocket. My dad would flip burgers and as a vegetarian. He would come home and cry. My mom worked as a bank teller and was constantly made fun of for her accent. At one point they moved their entire home and life to another part of the town just to send me to the best private school in Houston. They were willing to drive 1.5 hours there and back to drop me off at school.”
“My parents have always seen education as my golden ticket, and today I know it truly is, not only for children of immigrants but also for any kid with a dream.”
Today, as a successful entrepreneur, Gupta still carries that passion for education planted by her parent’s hard work and unshakable belief. This unbendable passion might just be the secret ingredient of Neha’s college admission formula. Her passion is a form of activism, a way to show anyone who is lucky to hear her speak, that every child and every dream matters.

“My college counselor used to make me feel like I don’t matter. There was a point in time that I felt that because I am a woman, because I am a person of color, because I am a first generation American, because I am too young, my voice doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell parents and children around the country: you matter! You deserve to have the education that you dream of. And with the right preparation, nothing can stop you.”

Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors, is holding an Admission Secrets Event, one-time only.
Location: India Community Center, 525 Los Coches Street
Milpitas, CA 95035
Time: March 3, 1:00-3:00pm

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