Gabbard under fire for ‘Hinduphobia’ post

Gabbard under fire for 'Hinduphobia' post

NEW DELHI: Indian origin Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is in the eye of a storm after she said that ‘Hinduphobia’ is real in the US. Following the comment, Gabbard is facing criticism and has been asked to drop out of the Democratic Presidential race after being accused of ‘fascism’.

“Unfortunately, Hinduphobia is very real. I’ve experienced it directly in each of my campaigns for Congress & in this presidential race. Here’s just one example of what Hindus face every day in our country. Sadly, our political leaders & media not only tolerate it, but foment it,” Gabbard had posted on Twitter.

Gabbard is the sole remaining woman in the Democratic presidential primaries in the US. Citing an example, Gabbard retweeted someone quoting a Facebook post about a confrontation with an Uber driver accusing Indians of murdering Muslims during the recent violence in Delhi.

Following the post, some critics hit out at the Hindu-American Congresswoman and accused her of ‘fascism’ over her alleged support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ideology of Hindutva.

“She is a fascist and needs to drop out,” said a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Rutgers professor Audrey Truschke hit out as well, saying that Gabbard being a Hindu is not the issue, but her “being a Hindu nationalist is horrifying and disqualifying”, and that she has “yet to comment on the Hindu nationalist pogrom in Delhi last week that left more than 45 people dead.” IANS