Gauahar’s challenge

Actress Gauahar Khan says hosting a live game show on a digital platform is challenging.
The actress is seen hosting a live game show titled Knock Knock at 2 pm for Make My Trip app, read a statement.
After hosting India’s Raw Star, Gauahar will be hosting the new 30-minute game show that gives people opportunity to win travel packages at various exotic holiday destinations. The show will be live on the app every Sunday.

“The pressure is different when you are doing a live show. There’s no scope for mistakes. People need to get hooked on to it at that very second and should stay with us for 30 minutes. Your energy has to be bang on and language has to be absolutely proper and you cannot fumble as there are no retakes,” Gauahar said in a statement.
“So yes, it’s challenging. It is a very unique and interesting concept that I got really hooked on to. Also, it’s something that I haven’t attempted before,” she added.
The actress said it is very “important as an actor to be seen across all the platforms and just to be able to deliver what the audience wants”.
“My fans expect to see me all the time and they love the way I talk, so hosting is something I am very good at and also I enjoy it very much. Whether it is television or the web or films, I’m going to be doing it all. I’m glad that I have been accepted in all mediums.” IANS