Google searches for beach destination Lakshadweep skyrocket after PM Modi’s visit


NEW DELHI: Worldwide, Google searches for Lakshadweep are at their highest in the last 20 years, that too by a huge margin reflecting a hockey stick graph.

This huge spark in interest for Lakshadweep could be linked to the outcome of PM Modi’s overnight stay, followed by beach visits and some adventure activities he partook in the form of snorkelling.

A massive row that is triggered after Maldives deputy minister, along with other cabinet members and government officials, made disparaging and unsavoury references to PM Modi’s Lakshadweep visit, also is likely to have raised people’s interest in the archipelago.

Indians, including cricketers and film celebrities, have since come out in open support in promoting local beach destinations and other tourist spots. They also voiced support for PM Modi’s call for promoting beach tourism in Lakshadweep.

On January 2, PM Modi visited the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and shared several pictures, including an ‘exhilarating experience’ of him trying his hand at snorkelling.

In a series of posts on X, PM Modi shared pictures of the white beaches, the pristine blue skies and the ocean and tagged them with a message that read, “For those who wish to embrace the adventurer in them, Lakshadweep has to be on your list.”

It is to be noted a large part of Maldives inbound tourists are Indians.

Amid the Lakshadweep row, Maldives Envoy to India, Ibrahim Shaheeb was on Monday morning at the Ministry of External Affairs in the national capital’s South Block.

In a post that has now been deleted, the Maldivian Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, Shiuna, made a mocking and disrespectful reference to PM Modi.

The Maldives government has, however, distanced itself from the remarks made by its ministers. Maldivian Minister of Foreign Affairs Moosa Zameer said that these remarks against foreign leaders are “unacceptable” and do not reflect the official position of the Maldives government.

He stated that the Maldives remains committed to fostering a “positive and constructive dialogue” with all its partners, particularly its neighbours.

In a post shared on X, Moosa Zameer stated, “The recent remarks against foreign leaders and our close neighbours are unacceptable and do not reflect the official position of the Government of #Maldives. We remain committed to fostering a positive and constructive dialogue with all our partners, especially our neighbours, based on mutual respect and understanding.” (ANI)

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