Gujaratis of North America is celebrating Gujarat Day on May 01


FLIER 3 --APRIL 2Gujaratis of North America ( is celebrating Gujarat Day on Saturday May 01, 2021. This program will be televised on TV Asia as well as TV channel in Ahmedabad.

Famous Gujarati singers like Osman Mir, Sairam Dave, Geetaben Rabari, Kinjal Dave, Kairavi Buch will perform, Gujarat chief minister Mr Vijaybhai Rupani and many other political figures and well known Gujarati celebrities will take part in this event. Sole purpose of this event is to bring our 2nd generation Indian youth together and unite our Gujarati community.

Below are few facts about what GONAUSA achieved in last one year.


Gujaratis of North America – USA (“GONAUSA”) was born during COVID-19 with a virtual event titled, “Karo Na Daan” featuring top Gujarati musical artists such as Kiritidan Gadhvi, Atul Purohit, Osman Mir, and more. Our organization show an opportunity to provide for those who were adversely affected by the global pandemic, and was able to raise $250,000 for those in need in India and the USA.

This program brought together several Gujarati communities, including Jains, Saurashtra Patidar, Leva Patels and senior groups, and various Gujarati societies from all over the USA. The event was televised on TV Asia, YouTube and Facebook, resulting in   more than 100,000 views.

The “Karo Na Daan” program gave light to the idea of bringing Gujaratis together on one platform similar to other Indian communities such as Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Punjabi, which have national and local organizations.

Gujaratis do have religious national organizations like BAPS and JAINA; however, there are hundreds of different temples, senior groups and community organizations made up of approximately 1.5 million people. As one of the wealthiest communities in the USA, it was time for a national platform. In conversations with community leaders, there is enthusiasm and support for an organization that focuses on bringing our second generation and future generations together to form a strong Gujarati organization.

That is how GONA was born.

Mission: Keep our culture alive by lifting up our second generation, continuing celebrations like Uttarayan, Holi, Ganpati, Navratri, and Diwali, encouraging participation in politics, promoting spiritual activity, and teaching about our motherland.

Achievements in Last 10 Months:

  • Karo Na Daan: Raised $250,000 with entertainment from top-notch Gujarati artists from India televised on TV Asia, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Diwali: Televised Osman Mir and Group on TV Asia and YouTube.
  • Thanksgiving: Variety of singers and a comedian premiered on YouTube.
  • Motivational Speaker Rahul Kapoor Jain: Presented on igniting one’s inner potential to gain success, happiness and fulfillment we are seeking.
  • Samuh Satyanarayan Katha by Dr. Shukavak Dasa Pandit.
  • Mentorship program with our NGO partner in India Yuva Unstoppable.
  • Virtual Singles meet and greet by Dr. Varun Gandhi and Sheenika Shah Gandhi.

Future Programs:

  • Youth Exchange Program: Partnership with Love Sports India and Hi5 Foundation to promote sports and cultural activity in India. This Diwali, 50 youth will be sponsored for a trip to India where they will coach school kids in sports and other activities. One week of Gujarat Darshan will be sponsored by the government of India.
  • GONA-USA plans to work with all senior associations to bring them under one roof in an effort to host activities with minimal cost.
  • GONA-USA plans to supply kites and thread for Uttarayan, colors for Holi, Ganpati Statue for Ganpati for free or at minimum cost. In addition, we are planning to host musical programs and plays at an affordable price.
  • GONA-USA will start a newsletter for our community.
  • Our youth are planning different sessions and workshops to learn about successful politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers, spiritual gurus and more.
  • Online garba classes by professional teachers from India.
  • Online Gujarati classes (free of charge) from May 2021.
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