Generate UPI Payment Link

Nowadays, more and more businesses understand the virtue of enabling online sales by going digital. Therefore, it is a crucial time to reflect on making your customer’s online purchasing experience fun and easy.

The payment process, which is one of the last steps of shopping online, is the cornerstone of successful sales. That is why, as a merchant, you need to approach it wisely to ensure a quality experience for your customers. Selecting the online payment method that matches your sales criteria and customer satisfaction can work in favor of boosting the profits of your online business.

The easiest way to create an online business and receive digital payments without any investment or resources is through the UPI payment link generator. A merchant can use the UPI payment link generator and send these payment links to consumers through SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and more to collect payments.

Let’s read on further to learn about the UPI payment link and how it is a useful tool.

What is UPI Payment Link?

UPI payment link is one of the many online payment methods that allows a merchant to accept money from his customers. It is somewhat similar to payment links; however, the only difference is that with a UPI payment link, a customer can only pay through UPI apps.

Steps to Generate UPI Payment Link

For the UPI payment link generator, it is important to add products and customer details. Further, the generated UPI payment link can be shared with customers through various platforms, wherein they can make payments by clicking on the link and selecting a UPI app that is installed on their smartphone.

Steps to Create a UPI Payment Link

Step 1: In the first step, a merchant must choose a UPI payment link generator that is reputable and secure.

Step 2: Secondly, go to the UPI payment link generator that suits you the best and click on the option of payment links given on the dashboard.

Step 3: Further, click ‘create payment link.’

Step 4: Now, select the ‘Create UPI payment link tab.’

Step 5: Mention the customer’s purpose for making the payment under the payment details section. Keep in mind that a merchant must be short and precise with the purpose of payment to make the customers understand it better.

Step 6: Next, set the expiry date or time of the payment link.

Step 7: To share the link with customers fills in their details like email id, mobile number, etc.


  1. The amount of Rs. 1 lakh at max can be sent or received with a UPI payment link.
  2. Merchants can link IDs and attach additional descriptions for their reference, which cannot be seen by the customers.
  3. UPI payment links do not offer the option of making partial payments unless the merchant allows for the same.

Benefits of UPI Payment Link Generator

Quick Enabling of Online Sales

A UPI payment link generator allows your online business to be launched almost immediately. This means that you can easily add a UPI payment link to any product, and the only investment required is your little time.

Customer Friendly Purchasing Experience

Since the lengthy and time-consuming checkout process is one of the main reasons for purchase abandonment, a UPI payment link can bring a drastic change in your sales by simplifying the checkout process.

Secure Payments

With a payment link generated through a trusted online payment processor, you can assure utmost transaction security to your customers. Online payment systems in today’s time implement multiple layers of security measures to protect your confidential data.

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