How to Play Live Teen Patti Online

In India, Card games are played by the young and the old. It is one of the oldest indoor games played by most Indians. Among the various card games, Teen Patti, the 3 card game, is widely played during Diwali parties. Teen means three, while Patti stands for cards.

This game made it to online casinos’ red carpet during the pandemic. You can play live, digital, and multi-layer Teen Patti games online, and the live Teen Patti online game is quite interesting. Like the game played at home, the players interact with a live dealer.

Live Teen Patti Online Game

Experienced Teen Patti players will feel at home with the live Teen Patti online game. The type of hands is the same. The rules may vary slightly but are not very different from the basic Teen Patti rules. This game has its versions in Malaysia, the UK, and India.

Software developers are doing their best by designing location-based gaming software to attract more players. The advantage of adding this game in Western countries is that they get to try a new game. Teen Patti is an Indian variant of Poker.

The best part about live Teen Patti is that you can place two types of side bets – Pair or Better & 3+3 Bonus.

In Pair or Better, if the player has a pair or a stronger hand, he gets paid based on the hand that is the strongest. In 3+3 Bonus, a 5 card hand is arrived at using the player’s and the dealer‚Äôs cards. If your hand is a trio or more, you get paid per that.

Side bets may help you win extra money. But you could lose a lot with every failed bet. Choose the side bet amount according to your remaining bankroll. Know when to leave the game and be happy.

Steps for Playing Live Teen Patti Online

  • Once the players pay the boot amount, the game
  • Each player gets 3 cards from a deck of 52 playing cards. This game can have multiple players, unlike the digital game where you are the only real player competing against the dealer, who is a
  • The dealer deals the cards face-up to the players while their cards are face-down. Every player has to form the best hand using these 3 cards. He may make the strongest hand and win if luck is on his side. But, it is not that easy. You cannot always get lucky, just like every day is not a Sundayūü§≠.
  • After the cards get dealt to all players, the players could choose to fold or They do not get to see their cards.
  • The dealer shows their cards only after the players have made their next move- fold or bet. If the player chooses to play, his bet amount would be 2x the stake amount because his cards are not hidden but placed face-up. He is a Seen player hereby Hence you cannot request a player to show their cards in a live Teen Patti online game.
  • The player with the highest/strongest hand wins, and the payout gets transferred This game ends after this one round.

How to Play Online For Real Cash?

You must bet with real money to play online casino games for real cash. You must register on an online casino site, choose the preferred payment method, and transfer the money to your online casino account. In the end, the size of your bankroll depends on your skill and luck. Starting small is always suggested. And playing at a reputable and reliable online casino is important. Your safety is important.

Which Online Casino Is Safe for Playing?

Check the information on the casino website when looking for a good online casino. Their site should have their license details, terms and conditions for deposits and withdrawals, bonuses, and other offers and rewards. They should have a customer support team to be able to answer queries round the clock.

We have found some of the best live Teen Patti online casinos for you.