Imran Booted Out

Pak PM Imran Khan ahead of no-confidence motion

As Hindus celebrated Ramnavmi last Sunday, it seems the human psychological paradigm hasn’t changed a bit. In the current we have Putin repeating the same scenario that Ravan had done thousands of years ago. Many believe Ramayan and Mahabharat as mythology. Even if it is just a myth, the human psyche, as illustrated remains unchanged. Putin, like Ravan continues to serve his ego and arrogance unparalleled by any modern leader. The world watches closely and the endgame is obvious.

In India’s immediate neighborhood, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been booted out after trying his best to retain power. Historically no Pakistan Prime Minister has ever completed a full-term in office. Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency had warned all elected members of PTI not to leave the country and all ports had been informed accordingly. Meantime, Shehbaz Sharif whose family is originally from Jati Umra, a village near Amritsar, fromun-divided Punjab, has been proposed to take over as PM. At the same time he and his son have been asked to appear before the court, this week, on charges of corruption in a money laundering scam.

China has already stated that Shehbaz may be a better PM for Pakistan and they are looking forward to have a cordial relationship with Pakistan. No matter who takes over as PM, Pakistan has become a puppet of China and may soon face the same fate as Sri Lanka. Imran tried his best to woo Russia but it seems it is too higha price to antagonise India an old ally and all weather friend of Russia.

While Imran vacates office, there are other developments with India’s southern neighbor Sri Lanka. As many other countries are, Sri Lanka is facing shortages not only in oil but now also with food and basic amenities. There is also a possibility of leadership change if problems continue.

This week will also see Indo-US relationship re-position itself vis-a-vis Russia- Ukraine war. Even though US, as well as Europe, may be unhappy with India’s neutral stand on Ukraine, India’s relationship with US has grown exponentially in defence as well as commercial trade. Indo-US relationship stands on mutual and long-standing democratic principles. The recent virtual meeting between Modi and Biden will further strengthen QUAD interest in Indo-Pacific region.

India’s own position on Ukraine War, 12 abstentions notwithstanding, has shifted considerably in the past couple of months as Russia’s actions and its unjust war became more visible to defend among democratic nations. India has made its unhappiness, with the Ukraine war, felt very clearly in a recent meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. More than 4.5 million citizens have already fled Ukraine while thousands of young Russians too flee Russia, unhappy with Putin’s handling of Ukraine War, and expecting negative economic downturn in Russia. Putin has recently appointed a new General to lead Ukraine’s army and to capture Kyiv.

Even though a new regime takes over in Pakistan, the Army will continue to exert power through proxies, as it has done in over the past 70 years. Let us hope the new regime does not prop the terror cells and repeat the mistakes of the past.