Incheon International Airport recovered to average of 10,000 passengers per day

SEOUL:: The number of passengers at Incheon International Airport, which dropped sharply due to COVID-19, has increased slightly.

According to Incheon Airport on August 18, the number of passengers used airport from August 1 to 15 was 164,104. The number of passengers arriving and departing was 77,872 and 86,232, respectively. Compared to the previous year (arrivals 56,096, departures 55,586), the number of passengers increased 47 per cent.

It is analysed that the increase in the number of passengers is because that international students are currently preparing to back to school and overseas business that suspended due to COVID-19 has been resumed. Previously, the average number of passengers per day at Incheon International Airport had dropped 96 per cent from 200,000 to 7,000 since 2019 COVID-19 outbreak.

However, as the number of vaccinated people has increased, the average number of passengers per day rose 3,495 from 7,445 last year to 10,940 this year. (ANI/Global Economic)