Federico Salas Lotfe

NEW DELHI: There have been moments when India and Mexico have “not seen eye to eye” over their views on some issues but the two countries have not let that interfere with their overall relationship, Mexican envoy Federico Salas Lotfe said on Monday.

Speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club here on India-Mexico ties, Lotfe said the dynamics between the two countries will continue to grow in the coming years and both the nations have important global agendas like education and climate change on which they can closely work together.

“There have been moments when we have not seen eye to eye with the perspective of different affairs but we have not let that interfere with the overall relationship that we have,” said Lotfe. When asked about the issues he was referring to, Lotfe said the two countries have had different views on nuclear issues and UNSC reforms.

“Mexico has been strongly pushing for global denuclearisation. Another issue is of the UNSC reforms in which India wants more prominent members while we have a very different view on that,” he told PTI on the sidelines of the event.

On the issue of human migration, Lotfe said Mexico is working with India for setting up a consular working group to explore ways to address the issue and see how the number of people crossing over illegally to the US from Mexico reduces.

In October, more than 300 Indians, including one woman, were deported by Mexican immigration authorities for illegally entering the country to sneak into the US. PTI