India’s 75th Milestone

India’s 75th Milestone

It is remarkable that the country has made tremendous progress and come a long way to celebrate its 75th year of Independence Day after being ruled by several invaders. Besides well-known leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Sadar Patel, Subash Chandra Bose and several other political luminaries, every citizen has paid a heavy price with blood, sweat, and tears to gain freedom from the clutches of foreign rulers. India was also a country once fragmented and governed by multiple rulers of numerous kingdoms with internal rifts amongst them. This was perhaps one of the main reasons invaders took advantage of.

We have to acknowledge it was not easy for India’s political leaders to manage the country’s freedom. Especially to manage the diverse strata of its society, religions, cultures, and a deep-rooted caste system. However, we managed all of that and crossed several milestones and even achieved great heights along the way.

In the time’s scenario, Indians who were settled overseas also played a major role towards achieving India’s freedom. Gandhi as a non-resident Indian is the greatest example, who while living in South Africa created his own model to participate in this movement. The Ghadar Party movement is another example; set up in 1913 by expatriate Indians as a freedom struggle against British rule, based out of San Francisco.

As India celebrates its 75th Independence Day with full gusto, the Indian community here in America will be celebrating too.  Starting with flag hoisting ceremonies across the length and breadth of the United States followed by community cultural extravaganzas.

The largest cultural presentation is being held in the City of Fremont in Silicon Valley/San Francisco, with the leadership of Dr. Romesh Japra and his team of dedicated community leaders under the umbrella of FOG (Festival Of Globe). There will be several Indian community associations in USA, representing the different states of India, which will be celebrated simultaneously.

However, the FOG team, which is part of the Federation of Indian Associations and represented by the numerous States of India, will present the diverse and rich culture of the country to the larger American population. The weeklong celebration ends with a parade consisting of film personalities and political leaders from US, as well as, India.

The FOG team of volunteers, who are not only leaders in their professional spheres, have worked tirelessly this past year to make these celebrations happen. The aim and idea is not just to have fun and celebrate but also to inculcate and share the heritage and culture with the younger generation.

This year is special, as FOG presents the FOG HERO awards to leaders from diverse religious backgrounds, including Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, which really represents the very ethos of India’s ancient heritage commonly summarized in the phrase “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”- The World is One family.

The world is also witnessed to Indians taking center stage in the political space in western and developed countries such as UK and US.