Kabini – Home to Breathtaking Landscape and Wildlife

Kabini - Home to Breathtaking Landscape and Wildlife

Located around 245 km from Bangalore, Kabini is primarily known for its handful of luxury resorts around the Kabini River and Nagarhole National Park in the vicinity.  Please note that there are not many budget-friendly accommodations near Kabini River. It is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.

Once a private hunting area for the British, Kabini is a wildlife destination that is the largest place for Asiatic Elephants in the world. The Kabini Forest Reserve (which comprises the south-eastern part of Nagarhole National Park) is famous for its amazing wildlife and birdlife. Kabini is also home to the world’s most famous living black panther “Saya”. Even though it is not impossible to spot him, it is very rare.

Boat Safari and Jeep Safari in the Kabini jungle is the ideal way to spot the tiger, leopard, guars, elephants and other majestic species. Kabini is also one of the best places in India to photograph leopards.

Places To Visit In Kabini

Jungle Safari: The jungle safari is a wonderful opportunity for all the environmental enthusiasts to mingle among the variety of flora and fauna.

Tourists can spend some enjoyable time here by taking a nature walk under the guidance of tour operators.

Boating in Kabini: Boating down the Kabini River is a feast for the eyes with the wondrous scenery that is put forth on such a ride.

Along with the dense forests, various animals can be seen in their natural habitat while boating.

Nagarhole National Park: Located in the Mysore district of Karnataka, Nagarhole National Park boasts of rich wildlife including both flora and fauna. Located near Bandipur National Park, it is packed with the bounty of raw nature in its best form. Bestowed with best of wildlife, forest cover and varied topography, this place offers gushing streams, gentle slopes and shallow valleys. The place is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking solitude.

A variety of species such as Elephants, Jackals, Tigers, Panthers, Gaurs, Sambars, Spotted Deer, Mongoose, Civet cats, Hyenas, Sloth Bears and over 250 species of birds call this place their home. The park is bounded by Kabini River on the north while Bandipur National park forms its southern boundaries.

A dam of the Kabini River along with its reservoir demarcates the two national parks and is a sight to behold. Other than that, the park also houses stunning vegetation and plantation along with verdant tropical and deciduous forestland. Nagarhole National Park is home to a number of reptiles such as King Cobra, Krait, Indian Rock Python, Russel’s Viper, vine snake, Tortoise, Monitor Lizard and Toads. In addition to these, trees such as sandalwood, silver oak, rosewood and teak are found in abundance here.

Kabini Dam: Kabini Dam is located in Mysore District, in the South-Western Indian State of Karnataka. It is built on River Kabini, which is a major tributary of River Cauvery in Southern India. The dam forms an enormous reservoir called the Kabini Reservoir near the town of Sargur and is at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Mysore. The location is picturesque with lush green surroundings and the pristine river water flowing serenely towards its destination. Visitors often come here to experience peace; hence the reservoir is a preferred picnic spot for locals. Many travellers are engineering enthusiasts who love exploring structures across the globe and never miss a chance to visit this engineering marvel in Southwest India.

Kabini Dam was built in 1974 on River Kabini and is a tourist attraction for the enthralling nature that surrounds the structure. One can explore the dam, the flora and fauna and the river valley and immerse in its serene beauty. The dense forests around are home to a variety of birds, making the location an apt place for bird watching. This area was a hotspot for hunting for Maharajas and British Officers during the Colonial era. The dam, today, is a significant source of water for the Government of Karnataka and helps them supply ample quantity of water to over 20 villages in the state.

Nature Walks and Campfire: Kabini is a quaint place enveloped in dense woods and lush greenery. One of the most popular things to do in Kabini is setting out on nature walks. While there are tour guides available to help you all along the way, you can also undertake the expedition on your own. There are also trails marked for bicycle tours. And in the evenings, you can enjoy bonfires and campfires to make your trip all the more memorable.

What is the best time to visit Kabini?

October to May is the best time to visit Kabini, as these are the non-monsoon months. This area receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon. So it is advisable not to visit Kabini from June to September. But Kabini is an exquisite destination that can be visited any time of the year, as the wildlife here can be spotted almost throughout the year.

How to Reach Kabini

Kabini can be easily reached by air, rail or roadways. The most convenient and popular way of reaching Kabini is driving from Bangalore, Mysore or other nearby cities. Those travelling from the northern part of India can reach Bangalore or Coimbatore by air. www.holidify.com