Kent CamEye – A Vehicle Security System We All Have Been Waiting For!

Kent CamEye – A Vehicle Security System We All Have Waiting For!

Technology and its counterparts run our lives these days. Tablets, computers, and smartphones –we can’t imagine a hassle-free and smooth life without them. Technology has exploded in all aspects of life and how. Today, most of the inventions are focused on offering faster ways of keeping connected.

Keeping connected is often linked to safety. The sole reason why GPS trackers were an instant hit and to some level still are a subject of discussion. However, with time, the requirements change and thus the need to incorporate advanced features in a GPS tracker.

KENT CamEye is a new-age and technologically advanced dash cam cum GPS tracker from the house of KENT. The smart and advanced features of this vehicle security system ensure 100% safety of your loved ones and the car. Let’s run you through the fantastic features of KENT CamEye that will help you understand why you need to upgrade your vanilla GPS tracker.

Stop Chauffeur Misuse

Rash driving, over speeding and sleeping while the AC on is some of the everyday habits of drivers. Without any concrete proof, you might be finding it hard to correct these behaviors. However, with KENT CamEye, you can easily monitor undisciplined chauffeur behavior and bid goodbye to these commonly faced issues. KENT CamEye offers over speeding and AC on alert (when the car is parked) through its native app to the owner.

Real-Time Intelligent Alerts on Mobile

This dash cam cum GPS vehicle tracker sends real-time alerts on mobile phones when something wrong happens in the car. Whether it is the driver trying to blackout the camera or giving the car to someone else to drive, real-time alerts on the app will tackle such situations in an instant. Other alerts include low battery, attempt to reboot, unplug the device, high noise level, and engine idle. With complete control over your car even when you are not around, you will be able to significantly increase its life.

Keep a Healthy Check on Your Teenager

It’s hard to explain teenagers the repercussions of driving rash and fast. However, when they know they are being monitored; the situations can be handled in an aneasier manner. From checking the real-time location of the car to watching live video of inside the car and identifying the occupants, you can do it all. Doing this, you can ensure the safety of your teenager who has just started to drive on their own.

Give the Women in Your Life a Safety Shield

The increasing crime rate has alarmed many and instilled a perception that cabs and taxis have become unsafe for solo female riders even in broad daylight. Whether it’s your mother or wife who travels to work daily in a chauffeur driven car, KENT CamEye will help you keep an eye on their safety. With real-time GPS location and live video streaming, you can easily identify and act against any instances of misbehavior.

Easy 2 Way Call Ring with the Chauffeur

KENT CamEye will act useful even when there is a dip in the network, and your driver’s phone isn’t reachable. You can easily communicate with the driver through the device using the native app in your phone. Only those with access to the app can make calls, not the driver. This device comes handy even in situations when the driver deliberately turns off the phone.

Isn’t It Time to Bid Goodbye to Vanilla GPS Trackers?

The 3000 mAh powered battery of KENT CamEye lasts for around 24 hours while the internal 8 GB memory comes to play when the caris traveling in an area with weak network connectivity. Real-time and secure cloud storage keeps all the data backed up and protected for 90 days. The light sensors in the device enable night mode and thus help record clear video even when it gets dark. The device is totally designed and engineered in India and can be easily installed without the need of a professional.