Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery vs Traditional Cataract Surgery

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The formation of cataracts has become the most prominent eye-related health concern and an eye- syndrome that has affected millions of people throughout the world.

  • Background on Cataract– The visible opacity in the natural crystalline lens develops gradually with age and needs to be treated soon before it causes total loss of vision(blindness). The progression of blurry vision and cloudiness develops very slowly without a person realizing it which cannot be corrected by wearing glasses.
  • Types of Cataracts– There are several types of cataracts depending on the degree of opacification(cloudy or opaque) that is developed on a transparent intraocular membrane which can vary in size obscuring the passage of light. Some of the most common types are Nuclear Sclerotic, Cortical, and Posterior Subcapsular.

There are two types of cataract-removal surgeries and the the article will highlight the major difference between Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery vs Traditional Cataract Surgery along with their respective benefits. Moreover, you can also book your appointment with the Best Cataract Eye Specialist in Mumbai practicing at Sai Deep Eye Clinic hospital.

Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery vs Traditional Cataract Surgery which is better?

Traditional Cataract Surgery (Phacoemulsification) –

  • In this procedure, the cataractous lens is emulsified at the tip of an ultrasonic handpiece and aspirated from the eye.
  • It is the most common procedure for cataract removal in the developed world, with an excellent prognosis in uncomplicated cases.
  • Following emulsification of the cataract, an intra-ocular lens is implanted into the eye.

Advantages of Traditional Cataract Surgery-

  1. Phacoemulsification involves making a very small incision on the side of the cornea to remove the cataractous lens; hence, there is no need for sutures or stitches and hence, there is minimal astigmatism induced. Healing of the wound is also very fast.
  2. The process takes approximately 15 min-20 mins.
  3. The complication rates are very low.

Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS)-

  • A Femtosecond laser can be used to create a cleavage plane via photo disruption in transparent/ translucent tissue, focussed with the aid- of real-time intra-operative imaging.
  • The laser can be used to assist the surgeon by creating tissue planes for:
    1. Wounds,
    2. Accurate Keratotomines,
    3. Anterior Capsulotomies, and
    4. Nuclear fragmentation.

Advantages of Lasser-assisted surgery-

  • FLACS can offer a greater level of precision and repeatability for the creation of tissue planes.
  • FLACS help to produce perfectly centered Capsulotomies and in turn, perfectly centred IOL.
  • FLACS includes the ability to correct astigmatism through corresponding arcuate incisions.
  • FLACS reduces the effective Phaco energy used which in turn results in exemplary visual outcomes on postoperative day one.

As discussed there are various reasons affecting the eyes and leading to cataract formations; however, both the above eye-surgery goals remain the same with no risk of complications. The counterpart may state that laser-assisted surgery is costly as compared to traditional cataract surgery; however, Sai Deep Hospital offers effective budget-friendly solutions depending on the eye- conditions.

Get in Touch with the most trusted Eye- Clinic Hospital

Before making any final decision, it is highly recommended that each patient discusses their vision-related problems with an eye- surgeon. The eye- surgeons at Sai Deep Eye Clinic stand ahead and above the Best Cataract Eye specialists in Mumbai with a commitment to optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

With so many successful years of experience in the field of ophthalmology, the reputed hospital offers advanced imaging techniques and treatments at an affordable price. The rate of recovery is typically very fast without having to wear any corrective glass further. Above all, the leading eye-care hospital takes pride in staying at the forefront in proficiency to deliver 100% successful cataract surgeries.

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