Latest Gambling Trends in 2021

Latest Gambling trends in 2021 in India

The world is still reeling from the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. But not the gambling industry. Surprisingly, the gambling industry has survived – no, thrived, in the past couple of years to become one of the fastest-growing industries across the world. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call this the golden age of gambling. As such, several different trends are on the rise right now. What are some of the latest gambling trends that are going to shape the future of the industry? Let’s take a look!

Virtual Gambling

With the advent of technology and digitization across the world, more and more people are looking for online solutions to everything. The same holds true for the gambling industry as well. Players worldwide are now looking for online gambling platforms to indulge their love for betting.

Mobile Gambling

The use of smartphones is on the rise today, even in countries that are low-income or middle-income. This is why most players now expect mobile gambling solutions. They wish to gamble “on the go,” which is why most gambling platforms offer either a mobile-friendly casino or a mobile app for Android and iOS.


Sports betting is becoming increasingly legalized in countries across the world. And with legalization comes the popularity of sports betting, including esports betting. In 2020, not only did virtual gambling become an instant favorite amongst players, but esports betting saw a tremendous boom as well.

Live Dealer Games

Nothing can beat having an immersive casino experience while lounging in your pajamas and playing from the comfort of your home. With online gambling on the rise, most platforms are now offering live dealer games, thus making the online gambling experience as “real” as gambling at a physical casino.

Virtual Reality

As if live dealer games were not enough to provide a real gambling experience, virtual reality and augmented reality has also been a popular feature of the gambling industry in 2021.  Not only are players able to get a truly immersive experience with this technology, but they can interact with other players in real-time. 

Crypto Payments

More and more casinos across the world are now accepting cryptocurrencies on their platforms. In fact, blockchain users make up a large part of the online gambling industry, which means that the online gambling industry is definitely going to see a number of crypto-based platforms shortly.  Using cryptocurrencies offers several advantages to users, including anonymity and confidentiality and easy and speedy transactions. Several online platforms also offer attractive bonuses to blockchain users.


Online gambling is taking the world by storm. There is so much popularity for this industry that governments worldwide are being forced to sit up and take notice. Because of this, online gambling has been receiving legal statuses in many countries across the years. The United States, for instance, welcomed online gambling with open arms in recent years. The same holds true for New Zealand as well. And with legalization, the popularity of the gambling industry is only going to continue climbing.

Bigger Promotions

With so many gambling platforms operating today, it becomes essential for operators to offer great deals and promotions to their players. This year has already been a year of incredible bonus offers and promotions, and this trend is most likely going to continue in the coming days as well.

Wrapping up

The gambling industry has been rising steadily over the decades. However, nothing has accelerated the growth of this industry the way new advancements in technology have. For the gambling industry right now, the future lies entirely in technology and the virtual world. If you too want to join the bandwagon, it is the right time to launch your own casino portal with the help of gambling software.

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