Let’s Go Light Weight Today – Ayush Kumra

Light Weight Workout

Hey again! Sorry I wasn’t able to catch up to you guys yesterday! I got stuck between things and editing the video surprisingly took a good amount of time. Well, for those who are following me on YouTube, I’m sure you got the video on time but for those who wait for the articles, I AM SORRY! Coming to the topic of this article,“Let’s go Lightweight Today”.

I am sure its an easy crack for most of you guys but still I would like to talk more about it.  It’s the 10th Day of our 15 Days 15 Ways program now and we have been trying new workouts and variations in these past 2 days especially.

Now, its time to go a bit orthodox and do some exercises which we have been doing since our school especially during the P.T. period for which we’d be the most excited! Like excited about the playing part over here, I know none of us was ever excited about the exercises lol.

So today’s, workout video consists of very basic and less time-consuming exercises which would help you in burning some calories but just sufficient enough as per the designed program. As the thumbnail depicts, these exercises would be amazing body shaper exercises for you guys, and also, you’d feel less drained out after doing them. I actually added these for the 10th day because I wanted to have a little rest time but not exactly by doing nothing but doing just a little that you still tend to feel the relief.

The thing to understand over here is that at times your body and mind both need some time off and for that purpose, you can take some rest occasionally but not every time right? Doing nothing always seems to be pleasurable as people enjoy laziness and even I won’t deny that but then again, it would eventually put us back to that non-productive track from where we started. Thus, in such situations, you should do a little work over yourself than nothing because even a little would add up in making something huge in the future! So let’s be different and say it out loud “ there’s no stopping us!”

With this, I shall take your leave now.

See you tomorrow again and till then stay safe & stay motivated.

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