Mahatma Gandhi statue this month

International President of Lion's Club Naresh Agarwal with Dr DK Vyas
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Mahatma Gandhi statue in Ottawa

CHICAGO: Dr. Deepak Kant Vyas in his speech at the IAC meet emphasised the need for giving back to society by siding with the newly started globalwind of social entrprenureship.

The idea basically was propounded by Mahatma Gandhi decades ago and is now slowly moving the world economic leadership

Dr Vyas in a talk to this paper said that the aproach should not be that of Greed but Gratidue. Whatever that one earns as a part of social being , it becomes one’s duty to give back a share to the scoiety. “One has to be humble rather than hankering after name and the right hand should not be knowing what the left had does while discharging the social debt. It should rater be deemed duty than charity and this is the princile that keeps me moving around,” he said.

He also indicated in his talk that 7.1 ft life size statue of Mahatma Gandhi weighing about 3000 lbs is slated to be finally installed at the Lions Club headquarter in Schaumberg by the end of this month.

The deciion on re-laying this statue at a suitable place in the city eventually is not yet decided. The location should be such that will enalbe Chicagoans besides visitors from across the country and the world to view it and pay respect to this great global leader.

IAC DK with Naresh web
International President of Lion’s Club Naresh Agarwal with Dr DK Vyas

The planned installation at the Lion’s Club HQ in Schaumberg will coincide with the 100th anniverary of the Club when hundreds of guests from acrosss the world are likely to come inclduing the international president of the club Naresh Agarwal who will beflying from India. Naresh Agarwal was recently honored at a social event in Chicago and he in turn had recognzed Dr Vyas for his services to the community at large.

Earlier, it was expected that a suitable location would be found on or around Mahatma Gandhi Marg on Devon Avnue but the plan did not succeed. Dr Vyas on his own got the statue after making an annuncmeent in Chicaog a couple of years ago that it would be a fitting tribute to this global leader if a life-size statue is placed at an ideal localtion for all to see.

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