Master Strategy to Crack CG TET 2020 Exam

Master Strategy to Crack CG TET 2020 Exam

The Chhattisgarh Teacher Eligibility Test [CG TET], conducted by the Chhattisgarh Examination Professional Board [CPEB], was scheduled to be held on 22nd March 2020. It has now been delayed until further notice. Candidates are required to utilize these extra few weeks to their advantage. In this article, we shall explain the most effective CG TET Preparation tips which will help in your online CG TET Preparation.

How to Prepare for CG TET: Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The CG TET is an MCQ-based exam which has two papers, namely, Paper I and Paper II. Paper 1 is for Classes I to V and Paper is for Classes VI to VIII. Each paper is of a total duration of 2.5 hours. Applicants have the option to attempt the exam in either English or Hindi. The following table will act as your ultimate CG TET Preparation guide.

CGTET 2020Here are the tips and tricks favoured by toppers which help you in finding the right answer to the ‘how to prepare for CG TET’ question.

How to Prepare for CG TET Exam: Top Tips & Tricks

Go Through the Syllabus Thoroughly

The syllabus is the main blueprint of the types of questions asked in the exam. For Paper 1, 150 marks are equally distributed amongst 5 sections. Furthermore, for Paper 2, while Child Development & Psychology, Language I, and Language II carry 30 marks each, the last stream-based section carries a substantial 60 marks. The syllabus acts as your definitive CG TET Preparation guide.

Past Question Papers Show Direction

Always refer to the previous few year’s question papers to have an idea of the level of difficulty of the exam. Solve at least 2-3 sample papers each week to keep a tab on your preparation progress, strengthen time management skills, and get an idea of the pressure of the D-day.

Refer to the latest Study Material

Your study material acts as the best CG TET Preparation guide. Cement your grasp over the essential topics and try to get a hold on the advanced topics and notions. Use NCERT books as the first reference. Also, keep attempting questions regularly. You can use online CG TET Preparation tools for additional help.

Boost Time Management Skills

For each paper, you have 150 minutes for 150 questions which, in effect, translates into 1 minute per question Thus, it is imperative to follow a strict time-based strategy to crack the exam. If your efforts don’t lead to the correct answer within 1 minute, move onto the next question. Come back to the earlier one when you save time in the end. 

Refine Strong Areas. Improve Weak Areas

After a week or two into your preparation, you will have a rough idea of where does your strong points and weak portions lie. Make a plan/time table to divide your day into polishing the former and gradually improve the latter. This is one of the most critical CG TET Preparation tips we can give.

Think Like a Teacher

Child Development & Psychology is an important sub-section in both Papers. To ace this section, start thinking like a teacher to master questions on learning, child development, special needs, curriculum & pedagogy, dimensions, etc. Stress on areas of educational psychology, major thinkers, theories of learning and teaching and so on. You can also online CG TET Preparation resources for help.

Have an In-Depth Knowledge of Optional Paper

If you are taking Paper-II, develop a solid grasp over either Mathematics or Sciences, especially advanced-level topics. Solve as much numerical as you can and take topic-based tests. Also, you can go for assessment sessions for online CG TET Preparation.

Strengthen Grammar for the Language Papers

For the language portions in both the papers, grammar is key. Understand the basic rules of grammar, verb-noun agreement, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Also, keep training on diverse unseen passages to polish your skills. Read newspapers, articles and magazines regularly.

For Mathematics, Understand the Logic

Rather than memorizing formulae, you must get through and appreciate the logic behind the questions. You can refer to NCERT Mathematics books or common CG TET Preparation guide for help.

Environmental Studies Paper can be Scoring

Topics on environmental studies section include natural resources, basic geography, renewable and non-renewable energy, communication, transportation, agriculture, etc. which can be scoring. Get well-versed with all the fundamental concepts and keep revising.

How to Prepare for CG TET Exam: Exam Day Suggestions

1. The following points delineate some CG TET Preparation tips for your all-important exam day.
2. In the last week or so, eat a light and healthy diet and drink a whole lot of fluids. Avoid any outside or street food so that you are fully hydrated and in the best of health and moods.
3. Prepare all the necessary documents and stationery at least two nights before the day of the exam. This includes admit card and identity card along with pens, pencil etc. if required.
4. Remain calm and composed. Trust your abilities and do not let feelings of nervousness overpower you. 
5. Concentrate only on your exam and nothing else. Many times students start to think about family expectations and peer pressure and lose focus on the exam. 
6. Read the complete question at least once before attempting. Minimize the chances of misunderstanding the question.
7. Leave 15 minutes in the end for revision and recalculation at any cost. You can correct any silly mistakes, errors and calculation slip-ups. Also, if luck favours, you may stumble upon the answer.

One of the crucial CG TET Preparation tips we can give is to practice and revise continuously. Along with that, keep evaluating your progress. Have patience and confidence in yourself and erase any feelings of panic. Keep a cool head and give your best. All the best.

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