Modi government a ‘U-turn sarkar’: Cong

Modi government a 'U-turn sarkar' CongNEW DELHI: Dubbing the Narendra Modi dispensation as a “U-turn sarkar”, Congress today released a booklet projecting it as a “farce” in the name of government while accusing it of “umpteen somersaults” on a range of promises from black money to incursions.

In a 30-page booklet titled “chhe mahine paar, U-turn sarkar” (Six months after,a U-turn sarkar), it said the Prime Minister and his government have gone back on virtually each and every poll pitch “with a U-turn every week”.

Releasing the booklet, AICC general secretary Ajay Maken accused the government of resorting to “white lies” on black money, flip-flop on issues with Pakistan, “double standards” on insurance bill and “gross opportunism” in aligning with NCP.

He said while Modi promised clean politics, he delivered a “tainted cabinet” and made a 180-degree turn on the issue of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and many “slip-slops” on holding elections in Delhi.

Maken alleged that the government walked into corridors of power with its “counterfeit vocabulary” riding on a wave of “corporate-funded” high voltage campaign based entirely on “false promises and baseless allegations.”

“However, six months down the lane, Modi government stands out for three simple characteristics- U-turn on promises, mere renaming and plagiarizing UPA’s programs and schemes and decisions that involves selling out public/national interests for the benefit of friendly corporate houses,” he said.

“The Modi government is nothing but U-turn sakrar, a government of imitation and industrialists. Congress cannot be a silent complicit to the farce being enacted in the name of government”, Maken said claiming that the booklet seeks to apprise people of the real face of Modi and BJP.

The AICC Communication department chief said that in the last one week, the government made U-turns on three more issues including revealing the documents relating to Subhash Chandra Bose, civil nuclear liability Act and on the issue of land boundary agreement with Bangaladesh.

“People, nation and Congress want to know whether the temptations of power had made you so blind that you opposed everything by the Congress-led government just to come to power?”, he said.–PTI

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