Mohit Gala to participate in Marine Marathon

Marine Marathon Certificate to Mohit Gala

Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: Mohit Laxmichand Gala is the first Kuttchi Indian to be invited to participate in the coming Marine Marathon to be run in Washington DC in October. The invitation is based on his record of successfully participating in a number of marathons including those organized by Marin Corps Marathon Runners Club.

Mohit Gala has finished a total of 36 marathons and he would be the first Indian American to do so. He does mostly mountain marathon which is more difficult than a flat surface one.

Gala lives in Louisiana and is a BE electronic engineer working as a software engineer. He has finished Half marathons 5 (21 km); Full marathons 20 (42km); Ultra 7 (50 km) and Ultra 4 (80 km).

Marine Corp Marathon, also known as “The People Marathon,” is the fourth largest marathon in USA and ninth largest in the world. An annual event organized by military people it is held every year in Washington DC starting 1976. Around 30,000 people run this marathon. The first choice is given to military people to participate.

For civil people, it is a lottery system which gets filled up very fast. It is difficult to get registration for this marathon for common people but once you have run five marathons for MCM then there is no lottery system. They can directly register for this marathon.
There is no prize money. During marathon the runners get tremendous support from marines and sailors…

The Ultra Marathon involves running, hiking and climbing 3000 to 5000 ft of mountain terrain and is considered very tough with limited participation.
Gala had run three marathons including two Ultras this year only in States of Utah, Washington DC and Wisconsin

He has amassed a good number of medals and awards.
With engineering degree from Mangalore University, he migrated to USA fourteen years ago on a company transfer and then he stayed put here. He is in an executive position with 10 to 12 software engineers working under him.

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