Mother My Loving Soul


Mother is the only loving soul
I can only find her on this earth
And I can only see her through my eyes
I experience her unconditional love
From my inception to the end of my breath

She came to this earth as my Goddess
And brought to me the nectar of love
She filled my life with happiness
Cheered me up with her sweet words
Encouraged and invigorated me
Through her good moral stories

Heaven like is her warm lap
Honey like is her everyday talk
She resides in my heart and
I exist in in her thoughts
I do not aspire for any anything
Just wish to be with her for ever
Mother, I wish to have in my every life
The proudness of being your daughter
Your school is placed on the garden of love
I owe you for feeding me with your caring hands
No one equals your genuine love
I want to relish it in its full extent

Mother you gave life to me
That I dedicate it for your care
My breath is woven with your soul
You are my song that I sing every time
I let the world worship many deities
But I worship you as my only deity