CHICAGO: A special function was hosted on Thursday, July 5 at the Meadows Club, Rolling Meadows, Illinois by Jude Crasto, Manager Midwest, Air India to welcome and introduce Rishikant Singh, Manager Designate of the Air India Midwest region.

Jude Crasto is leaving Chicago for India to assume new responsibility of his next position in the main office of Air India in Mumbai.
Introducing Rishikant, Jude Crasto gave a brief outline of his education, experience and many responsible offices held by him in Mumbai and then in the Middle East. Rishikant had his early as well as advanced education in India. He worked with the Revenue Department of the Airline. Therefore, he added that he brings a well rounded experience to help further the cause of Air India, which symbolizes India, her culture and people in America making him ideally suited to continue the good work of the department in Chicago, which along with New York is the bastion of promoting India, her people and culture in the U.S. Rishikant was the Station Manager of Air India in the Mid-East, at Kuwait before coming to Chicago.
Gratefully acknowledging the support, confidence and the honor the people of India settled in the Midwest bestowed on him, he said it was indeed hurtful to depart from this lovely community. He hoped that the same kind of support, rather even better kind would be extended to Rishikant. He said that it was not unusual to develop some minor irritants in the course of business, because of the kind of work that the Air India is doing, which is nothing but promoting goodwill as well as trying to offer as good service as possible. But to err is human and therefore he averred, “I urge you to forgive if any such instances occur.”
As far as Air India is concerned, it has always been its ideal and aim to make the passengers happy in all respects. “As far as I am concerned Air India is perhaps the best link to showcase India, her culture and her people, and we are doing just that and I am sure this will continue. I wish to add that one of the reasons for India’s success in recent times was the airline called, ‘Air India.’ It is our country’s link with other countries and as always referred to as “The Flying Ambassador of India. Air India adds value,” he said.
Rishikant in his brief address assured the Indian community that he would endeavor to offer the best possible assistance and service to the traveling members of Indian Diaspora. He sought the cooperation of the community to enable him to perform his duties to the satisfaction of all concerned.
Katherine Thorat, Assistant Manager proposed a vote of thanks with a special mention of C.G. Chavan, M. Kulkarni, professional members of the community, media and valued agents of Air India, to name but a few.
The function ended after a dinner.

Surendra Ullal