Peace with North Korea might be possible


Beijing: General Joe Dunford, a senior uniformed official of US, has stated that peace with North Korea is still possible, while adding that they have credible and viable military options for dealing with the country as well.

The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff also said that the US won’t dial back military exercises with South Korea that angered both, China and North Korea.

“What’s unimaginable to me is not a military option,” Dunford said before meeting the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“What is unimaginable is allowing (North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un) to develop ballistic missiles with a nuclear warhead that can threaten the United States and continue to threaten the region.”

“I do believe right now that there’s a long way to go, but we are on a path where there is a possibility — and I hope a probability that we can resolve this peacefully,” Dunford said.

“If the president comes to us with a decision to use military force, we will provide him with options,” Dunford exclaimed.

Recently, the two countries signed an agreement to establish regular exchanges between the offices of top US and Chinese military officials. –News Source