People living in unauthorised colonies cheated again: Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Slamming the Centre for not beginning the registration process of the properties of the residents of Delhi’s unauthorised colonies during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Ramilia Maidan, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday accused the BJP of “cheating” people again like Congress government. Accusing the Centre of “cheating” residents of unauthorised colonies “again” here by not providing for the registration of properties of all of them, he, however, sought to assure them that the AAP government would do it.

“What happened to registry? People living in unauthorised colonies have been cheated again. People expected the registry to start today. “Earlier Congress used to make false promises, now BJP did the same. But do not worry. We got all development works done in unauthorised colonies, now we will also get the registry done,” Kejriwal said in a tweet.

Later at an event, Kejriwal claimed “other political parties have only played politics on the issue of the development of unauthorised colonies till date and no government has worked for its development”.

He said he expected the prime minister to announce the launch of the registration process today in his speech at Ramlila Maidan, but rued that it did not happen. “Our prime minister gave a speech at Ramlila Maidan today. I had expected out of the event at Ramlila Maidan that they will begin the registration process like they were claiming for the last six months. But they did not do it even today,” he said.

“The BJP leaders have been claiming that 100 property owners will receive registration papers before the assembly elections, and the rest will receive registration after the elections 

“Now they say the registration process will happen after six months.” said Kejriwal. “They have bad intentions. The BJP is deceiving the people just like Congress. I want to ask where was the BJP when the Delhi government was working on laying sewer and water pipelines and building roads in unauthorised colonies in the city, he asked.

“They are acting on the regularisation procedure now before elections when they should have done this long ago,” he added. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia too endorsed Kejriwal’s accusations.

In a separate press conference, he alleged the BJP has cheated 40 lakh people living in unauthorized colonies of Delhi just like Congress. “People were waiting with the hope that they would get registry today, but nothing happened. The BJP has betrayed today the faith of people living in unauthorized colonies,” he said.

Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Ramlila Maidan, Sisodia said it is very surprising that for the past several weeks, leaders of the BJP had been continuously talking about giving permanent registry to at least 100 people living in unauthorised colonies at today’s rally.

“Today thousands of people gathered at Ramlila Maidan to see the same but everyone had to return home with huge disappointment. The prime minister also gave a speech from the stage but not a single person was given a permanent registry paper for his or her property in unauthorised colonies,” he claimed.

Sisodia also accused the BJP and its leaders of being ignorant about the people living in Delhi’s unauthorised colonies. “One thing was evident from the prime minister’s one and a half-hour speech and the speeches given by other BJP leaders that neither BJP knows anything about the problems of the people of Delhi nor does it have a blueprint for how it will develop Delhi,” said the deputy CM.

He said it is “heartening” that prime minister has accepted in his speech that pollution in Delhi has reduced. Sisodia, however, rued that speeches from Prime Minister Modi to all BJP leaders had no comments on Delhi’s education system, health system and CCTV cameras installed across Delhi.

“There was no comment on 24-hour power availability, or any comment on Delhi’s economy. No comment from any of the BJP leaders on all these things proves the work is going well in Delhi. “Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also agreed that Acche beete paanch saal, lage raho Kejriwal (AAP’s slogan for upcoming polls),” he claimed. PTI