Play the CRED World Cup Jackpot and Score a Free Match Ticket to the World Cup 2023!

CRED World Cup

BANGALORE: The ICC World Cup 2023 has been underway for nearly a month, and fans have been treated to a thrilling ride of nail-biting finishes and game-changing moments. But don’t think the excitement is reserved for the lucky few cheering in the stadium. This year’s World Cup is also rewarding for fans watching from home, especially¬†CRED

Just like Virat Kohli hitting a winning sixer, CRED members can now swing their bats and score a free match ticket to the World Cup 2023 in India. All they need to do is pay a bill on CRED and stand a chance to win tickets and some other exciting prizes.

How to play CRED World Cup jackpot to win the World Cup 2023 match ticket:

1. Pay your credit card bill or make a rent pay transaction using MasterCard

2. One is eligible for the jackpot and a chance to win match tickets

Let’s see what some of the winners had to say:

1. Anant Arora won the ticket to India vs. New Zealand in Dharamshala and excitedly stated, “I’ve scored a winning ticket to the ICC World Cup 2023! It’s more than a game; it’s an unforgettable journey. I’m all set to witness history in the making, and it’s all thanks to CRED.”

2. Nitesh Sapra won the ticket to India vs. Afghanistan in Delhi and his reaction included, “I’ve just hit the jackpot – a free ticket to the ICC World Cup 2023! It’s more than a seat; it’s a chance to be part of cricketing history. Kudos to CRED for turning bill payments into unforgettable experiences!”

3. Kinjal Rathod won the ticket to India vs. Pakistan in Ahmedabad and was surprised and stated “I’m living the dream of a lifetime! Scoring a free ticket to the ICC World Cup 2023 is like hitting a winning boundary. CRED made it possible, and I’m ready to cheer for my team at the World Cup. Here’s to exciting matches and unforgettable memories!”

While they’ve won, anyone can win big too. Just pay credit card bills with CRED, invite friends, and play the CRED World Cup jackpot. It’s that simple!