QNET Scam Update: Three Independent Representatives Cleared of Fraud Charges


A July 2023 court ruling in Africa cleared three QNET independent representatives of fraud charges. In the West African country of Benin, the Court for the Repression of Economic Offences and Terrorism acquitted the three distributors of allegations of fraud. That’s good news for Asia’s leading wellness and lifestyle company, which uses the direct selling model to offer products to better consumers’ lives.

Now that the legal matter is resolved, the company is focusing on improving its reputation in the region so that everyone understands it’s not a scam or pyramid scheme. Biram Fall is the company’s regional general manager for sub-Saharan Africa. He stated that the business “is dedicated to preserving its integrity, clearing its name, and rebuilding its reputation in Benin.”

Fall explained, “We collaborate with security and judicial authorities providing accurate information to correct misconceptions. Additionally, we take strong action against individuals misrepresenting the company and our business for personal gain.”

What Is Direct Selling?

Though some still ask is QNET a scamming company, direct selling is a retail channel that different businesses worldwide embrace to market their products and services to consumers. It deviates from traditional business-to-consumer retail because it’s not solely focused on getting first-rate products and services to consumers. Because independent representatives use and like the QNET products they sell, it’s also a way for micro-entrepreneurs to institute their own businesses with a low barrier to entry.

It’s big business. According to the Global Direct Selling Market 2023-2027 report, the direct selling market is forecasted to grow by $78.81 million, accelerating at a compound annual growth rate of 5.04% between 2022 and 2027.

Independent representatives sell the products they use and appreciate. “The more products they sell, the more commission they earn,” stated Fall. Pyramid schemes are illegal scams. They reward members for recruiting more participants, but the only way to earn money with QNET is through product sales.

“QNET uses a compensation plan that calculates commissions payable to the independent representatives based on the sales volume generated through these successful sales referrals in our e-commerce portal,” Fall continued. “Many people have managed to build a successful sales business using this business model.”

An abundance of people around the world have reaped the benefits of the company’s products and services. Many have been inspired and encouraged to follow their entrepreneurial dreams using its direct selling business opportunity.

Dispelling Scam Allegations: QNET Encourages Education

Founded in 1998, the international wellness and lifestyle product company has grown into a global leader by providing exclusive products and empowering entrepreneurs to build successful businesses via the e-commerce-powered platform.

The enterprise is a subsidiary of the QI Group, a multibusiness conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong and one of Asia’s fastest-growing e-commerce-based companies. QNET has a global footprint of independent representatives and customers in almost 100 countries.

The direct selling model needs to be better understood, especially in regions with emerging economies. Clearing up that misconception is the most extensive challenge the business has faced over the course of 25 years. However, in reality, the company doesn’t condone or encourage illegal or unethical marketing practices.

Its business operations are 100% transparent. Unlike pyramid schemes, it doesn’t ask people to invest money upfront. It’s also not a get-rich-quick scheme. Becoming a successful independent representative requires hard work and a time commitment. An authentic QNET independent representative would never misrepresent the business as easy or effortless.

Malcontent independent representatives, who were terminated for violating the strict code of conduct and rules of business ethics, have damaged the direct selling company’s reputation by misrepresenting it; they’ve made exaggerated claims about the business or its products that are untrue and not endorsed by the product-focused company.

The business is committed to informing people that it protects its independent representatives and customers from fraud. It trains its distributors on the importance of following its code of ethics, which covers what entrepreneurs can and can’t do to build a direct selling enterprise. The company’s also known for following all rules and regulations in the regions where it conducts its business.

To combat all fraudulent activity affecting the business, it opened a virtual Direct Selling Disinformation Centre to curb the spread of false information. QNET is breaking new ground with its anti-scam center.

“No organization is specifically dedicated to countering the disinformation that can allow rogue operators to abuse the direct selling industry for personal gain or a shortcut,” said Trevor Kuna, chief strategy and transformation officer. “This new QNET-hosted Direct Selling Disinformation Centre is the only one of its kind dedicated to countering disinformation originating from and about the industry.”

It also launched an anti-scam educational effort, the Mama Campaign in the West African country of Ghana. The purpose of the campaign is to act as an informative advertising and marketing campaign featuring the region’s archetypal matriarch utilized to keep youth in line and guide them to make good choices. The campaign aims to help government stakeholders, Ghana residents, and the media understand it’s a lawful business.

It also helps individuals and the media recognize financial scams and pyramid schemes. Fall stated, “[The company] does not make offers of ‘guaranteed income’ or fixed salaries for its independent representatives. [It] does not authorize illegal gatherings.”

Fall confirmed that the company doesn’t have agents anywhere in the world who are permitted to offer a job in exchange for money. That kind of knowledge is power when it comes to understanding QNET is a reputable company.

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