What to Know About the Basic Knowledge Biodiversity?


Biodiversity, or biological diversity – is variety of life you can find in one area. Biodiversity is used to support many things in nature. Those things help to survive. We know that the world is filled with animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, humans and even viruses. Food, water, medicine and other things are also part of that group. All these are known as the Biodiversity.

Organisms and species are working together in ecosystems forming symbiotic and not relationship. These relationships helpto maintain the balance and support our life in harmony. If we want to live a sustainable life, we must get great knowledge about Biodiversity. With increasing popularity of eco tourism and eco resorts developments, it is important to know about the Biodiversity, how to preserve and enjoy the living environment.

One of real estate developers in Dominica was approved by the Government to develop luxury eco resort. With idea of maintaining nature surrounding and keep biodiversity intact, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa being developed by Vital Developers Limited in Dominica, Alexander V Berenstain, manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ praised the successful partnership with Vital Developers Limited to manage this beautiful project.

Importance of the Biodiversity

One of the most important components of our world is Biodiversity. We want to maintain biodiversity. Biodiversity is key to harmony in our life and it is very important to love it. Being such an important structural piece of our environment, everyone needs to learn about biodiversity importance.

Types of Biodiversity

We should know about the various types of Biodiversity. There are three different types of biodiversity,

  • Genetic Biodiversity
  • Species Biodiversity
  • Ecological Biodiversity

Economic Importance

The pool of resources strongly depends on Biodiversity, since everything in nature is the cycle. Knowledge from studying biodiversity used in many important things and areas for us. Like in food manufacturing, pharmacy, and cosmetic products also. Food resources from forest and, is part of biodiversity. If you need medical purposes, you can utilize the wild plants. Plants are very useful in helping us.

Keeping our biosphere intact and diverse is one of key ideas of budget-friendly tourism, you can go to the Parks, local forests and hikes. You need to enjoy this beauty of our earth. And it is a very enjoyable place for us. But, sometimes you want to do it in style, and such type of tourism becoming an economic importance. Economic importance of Biodiversity is huge topic during approval of construction in rainforests and eco tourism areas, Dominica recently approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa to be developed by Vital Developers Limited in Dominica, with Alexander V Berenstain as manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ who excide about their partnership with Vital Developers Limited to manage this amazing project with their attempt to fuse luxury and eco-tourism.

Managing Forests Responsibly

Many forests are more sensitive to fire. It is due to the climate stress. So forests need some management. The natural forest development wants to manage the forest. Because managing the forest is very important to survive, as forests are one of most biodiverse places on the planet. The animals also depend on the forest as well as. That is why we need to save the forest from such dangers.

Creating Benefits That Support Biodiversity

Globally, public and private money of about 140 billion US dollars is allocated to the protection of biodiversity each year. However, this amount includes 500 billion in public subsidies. Plus an estimated 2,600 billion in private investments in industries that negatively impact biodiversity. If the financial sector included biodiversity consequences in investment risk assessments, as it is increasingly doing with climate impacts, this disparity might be addressed.

Changing Agriculture

The use of exclusive and too much of pesticides and fertilizers in the growing of food for human use often results in the loss of species. The farmers need some advice. Forty percent of agricultural land world is home to only a few organisms of crops. And nearly forty percent of the biodiversity of plants faces loss. The systems of financial motivations must be implemented to save biodiversity.

Securing Land and Resources

If natural areas are to continue to provide ecological benefits and help in avoiding global warming, they need to be quickly secured. How much resource usage humanity can still afford is unknown at this time. So, we want to secure our land and resources. It is one of the most respectful things for us.

The Biological Context

There are many people are only depend on the environment and planet. Not only will we lose our understanding of biodiversity.  If our languages decrease, we will also lose our traditional knowledge of the environment. It is essential to protecting and maintaining their natural habitat.

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