Republic Day Parade

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s tableau participating in this year’s Republic Day Parade will showcase the involvement and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors and industries.

Ministry of Electronics and IT Director, JL Gupta, while speaking to ANI, said, “This time the tableau showcased by the Ministry of Electronics and IT mainly covers AI-based technology and how AI can be helpful to the public.”

“You can see a teacher wearing a VR headset teaching the children. AI’s use in logistics has also been showcased, and its involvement in cattle management has also been highlighted,” he said.

“Apart from this, how AI can be helpful in the health sector has also been showcased in the tableau. As per the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding electronic manufacturing, we have tried to include semiconductor chips as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir tableau participating in the Republic Day Parade will feature the Jambu Zoo as its primary highlight.

The Jammu and Kashmir government Principal Secretary, Suresh Kumar Gupta, while speaking to ANI, said that the J-K tableau is highlighting the developments in the state.

“The tableau is showing what is developing in Jammu and Kashmir and what new opportunities and new dimensions are happening. In the beginning, we are showing the Jambu Zoo, which is the first full-fledged zoo in Jammu and Kashmir, and it is named after Raja Jambu Lochan, who established the city of Jammu,” said Suresh Kumar Gupta.

“If you look at the back of the tableau, women are shown doing our Papier Machie work. Our art of Papier Machie is very famous all over the world. If you go further behind it, you will also see that we are showing all the processing of saffron, its cultivation, its harvesting, and its export. We call Jammu and Kashmir the saffron bowl of India,” he said.

“There is also the Ghanta Ghar, which is at the famous Lal Chowk in J-K. We have shown how that place is completely renovated now, where people were scared to go earlier, but today it has become a tourist spot and people are going there to take selfies and photographs, and it is a very attractive place; everyone likes to go there,” he added.

The J-K Principal Secretary further mentioned that in the last 75 years, the maximum number of tourists have come to J-K in the previous year, so the attempt is to showcase the new image and progress of the state.

Meanwhile, Ladakh Deputy Secretary Nazir Ladakhi, speaking to ANI about Ladakh’s tableau for the parade, said that the focus has been on showcasing women empowerment and developments in Ladakh.

“We have tried to showcase women empowerment and junior women empowerment,” said Nazir.

He further spoke about the ice hockey team, which has also been showcased in the tableau, and said, “All 11 players in the Indian ice hockey team come from Ladakh only, and they have won a lot of competitions and earned a name not just for themselves and Ladakh but for the nation as well, so we have depicted that as well. Along with that, we have also shown the enterpreneurship in the pashmina shawl manufacturing sector. The tableau also features Umling La, the highest road in the world, which has been inaugurated this year only.”

A total of 25 tableaux, including 16 from various States and Union territories and 9 from central government departments, will be on display at the Republic Day parade.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron is the chief guest at the event. (ANI)

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