Rishi Kumar stands with Israel

Rishi Kumar

India Post News Service

At the Jewish Community Relations Council in Palo Alto’s Candidate Forum on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Democrat Rishi Kumar, along with four other congressional candidates, engaged in a discussion on various foreign policy issues, notably on Israel.

Rishi Kumar has taken a firm stance on this important topic on the global stage speaking passionately and emotionally at recent rallies at Stanford University, Mountain View, and Palo Alto.

Kumar, distinguishing himself from the rest of the field, stated, “I’m the only candidate in this race who has taken an explicit pro-Israel stance on the Israel/Hamas conflict.”  He highlighted his background in technology, his education in mechanical engineering, and emphasized his status as “not a career politician.”

He expressed strong opposition to a ceasefire with Hamas, citing the organization’s ongoing threat and asserting Israel’s right to exist and to peace. Kumar emphasized his support for Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East as a countermeasure against terrorism.

Addressing U.S. involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict, Kumar underscored the necessity for Israel to enjoy peace and security within its borders, while advocating for the creation of an economically stable and peaceful state for the Palestinians. He supported continued U.S. aid to assist the Israeli military and emphasized the need to counter Iran and its proxies in the region.

On the topic of rising antisemitism in educational institutions, Kumar highlighted the influence of foreign funding, particularly from Qatar, on American education and its negative portrayal of Israel. He proposed that Congress could enact laws to prevent such foreign interference in educational institutions.

In his closing remarks, Kumar critiqued career politicians for their role in California’s fiscal challenges and the increase in crime. He highlighted his own record in reducing burglaries and called for a shift towards integrity and ethics in politics, positioning himself as a problem-solver in contrast to his opponents.

Kumar further set himself apart as the sole Silicon Valley tech executive among the candidates, possessing unique insights and connections within the innovation economy as a C-suite executive in the software industry.

Kumar successfully differentiated himself during the Candidate Forum, standing out with his realistic and nuanced perspectives on complex international issues. His articulate discussion on foreign policy, particularly regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, showcased his capacity to dissect world affairs comprehensively.

Kumar’s explicit stance on various aspects of this intricate geopolitical situation, combined with his proposals for legislative measures against foreign interference in education, highlighted his ability to analyze and take decisive positions on critical global matters. His approach not only distinguished him from other candidates on stage, but also underscored his readiness to address such challenges with a balance of firmness and pragmatism  as the next Congressional Representative from California’s district 16.

Kumar’s prior speech at a Palo Alto “Bring the Hostages Home” rally held outside Palo Alto City Hall has generated strong support for his Congressional campaign. Watch the speech here Below.

Kumar’s detailed policy is available at RishiKumar.com/IsraelPalestinianPolicy.