Rishi Kumar felicitates retiring Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu

Rishi Kumar

India Post News Service

Rishi Kumar, a high-tech executive and political figure from Silicon Valley, California, spoke at a January 22nd Indiaspora event, bidding farewell to India’s Ambassador Taranjit Sandhu. Kumar has been a political fixture in Silicon Valley, serving as a councilmember, an Executive Board member of the California Democratic Party, and is currently a candidate for the US Congress.

Kumar expressed deep admiration for the Ambassador’s tenure. The virtual event brought together prominent members of the Indian American community from across the nation, who collectively offered high praise and commendation for Ambassador Sandhu’s impactful tenure in Washington.

“It’s challenging to say goodbye to Ambassador Sandhu, a diplomat par excellence and a true ally of America,” he remarked. Kumar underscored the significant role played by leaders like Ambassador Sandhu in India’s post-colonial resurgence.

“I also want to congratulate Ambassador Sandhu on a great day yesterday for India – as India puts behind 500 years of subjugation by the Mughals and the British. India has clearly blossomed in the recent decades thanks to leaders like Ambassador Sandhu oat the helm  Just like America has since 1776”

Praising Ambassador Sandhu’s exceptional service in Washington, he noted how the Ambassador exemplified the essence of diplomacy and democracy, bolstering US-India relations. “Ambassador Sandhu’s efforts have been instrumental in deepening political, economic, and cultural ties, enhancing education, and fostering people-to-people connections between the two nations,” he added.

The speaker also highlighted Ambassador Sandhu’s commitment to expanding trade, security, and strategic partnerships, which have greatly contributed to the prosperity of both India and the United States.

Reflecting on personal interactions, he recalled a memorable lunch with the Ambassador, where Sandhu’s interest in meeting Indian American leaders of Silicon Valley was evident. “Your tenure may be ending, Ambassador Sandhu, but the bonds of friendship and partnership we’ve built will persist,” he concluded, wishing the Ambassador continued success and happiness in his future endeavors and celebrating the enduring warmth of their friendship.