Salman coming’ rumour triggers crowds in Bhiwandi

Salman Khan

Salman coming' rumour triggers crowds in BhiwandiTHANE (MAHARASHTRA): a purported rumour that Bollywood actor Salman Khan would be visiting the Bhiwandi town in the district triggered thousands of people to gather on the road, officials said.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening in Khandupada locality of Bhiwandi, largely dominated by minorities presently fasting during the ongoing Ramzan month.

According to the police, last evening a sudden rumour claiming that Salman Khan would be coming to distribute relief materials spread like a wildfire prompting hundreds of excited fans to rush out of their homes.

The security personnel posted there had a tough time convincing the crowd that there was no scheduled visit by any celebrity to the area and they should immediately return home in view of the lockdown.

Finally, the disappointed crowd dispersed without much fuss and efforts are now on to trace the mischief-mongers who spread such misleading messages, putting further pressures on the already overstretched security forces.