shahrukh-sunny-salman-280314MUMBAI: Actress Sunny Leone feels superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan share a great bonding.

In 2011, Sunny participated in reality series “Bigg Boss”, which was hosted by Salman. The actress was on the show again for a special episode along with Shah Rukh, who was there to promote “Raees” which has a special number “Laila O Laila” featuring Sunny.

Asked to describe the friendship between the two Khans, the actress said in an interview, “They look like they are friends. Like they have known each other for so many years, which I believe they have. They both looked like they were having a great time. I was just like, ‘which one do I look (at)?'”

The actress, who performed the “Laila” song on the show, said she has a special bond with “Bigg Boss”, because had it not been for the show, she wouldn’t have been here.

“After five years I was performing on stage. The last time I performed was when I entered. It’s always surreal, happy experience when I go to ‘Bigg Boss’ because that’s where it all began. If it wasn’t for them or Salman, I don’t think I would be here,” she said.

“I wanted to freeze time. There was Mr Khan and Mr Khan on either side of me. I thought it was amazing. I want to cherish those moments,” she added.

Sunny was on board the August Kranti Express along with Shah Rukh for the promotions of “Raees”, which hits the screens today.

The actress said she travelled in a train when she was five-year-old and was thrilled to be in it again.

“I remember sticking my hands out, to grab bags of oranges when they sell you, the smell of burning wood and oranges, specially when you are travelling in the north,” she added.–PTI