Sikh Senior Citizens Honor SRS the Covid19 Help Team

Thakar Basati

CHICAGO: Sikh Senior Citizens from Palatine Gurdwara honored the selfless service provider Sikh Religious Society’ SRS-Covid19 help team at Palatine Gurdwara Sahib with a trophy and lunch last Saturday.

Pardeep (Pete) Singh Deol is an honorable Police officer. When he saw the pathetic condition of COVID sufferers, he approached S Prempal Singh, Trustee with Outreach responsibilities of Sikh Religious Society who in turn approached Bibi Jasvir Kaur Singh They were joined by S Jaspaul Singh Saini and together formed a Covid19 help team.

They got an app with people willing to help and people willing to contribute. Using social media, it attracted about 85 young boys and girls. Seeing the selfless spirit of group few non-Sikhs joined. So far, the team has served over 11,000 meals and medicines to people who were stuck inside with no resource and this team came as God sent help.

The team now has Doctors, Pharmacists who are in a position to arrange free medicines to people. Soon Indian Consulate in Chicago was approaching them to help visitors stuck in Chicago with no medicines or food. Most of the team helpers are young service-oriented persons with jobs and small children. They would cook meals at home for the needy people and deliver while risking their and their family’s lives. All the volunteers have been trained according to CDC guidelines.

S Surinderpal Singh Kalra did Ardaas, then the team gave an overview, Gurdwara Head Granthy Bhai Parminderjit Singh sought Guru’ Blessing for the helpers. He asked for the ChardiKla of participants. The help from Bhai Harjit Singh, Cook(Langri), and of the Bhai Gurmeet Singh was also appreciated along with other Bhaijees. A check of $1400 was presented to the team.

Many visitors from India stuck in Chicago stayed at a hotel by Waterford Banquet hall. Seeing the SEWA passion amongst volunteers, the owner of Banquet hall Shri Gandhi has $2500 to the team to continue their work. A good number of visitors have returned home and are sending thank you notes to the team.

The Covid help team can be reached at and for Sikh Seniors please contact S Iqbal Singh Chopra at 224-358-7769, S Surinderpal Singh Kalra at 847-305-9119 or

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