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Social Justice

Time and again America is tested for its preamble on social equality and justice that has lasted more than 200 years. Every country in the world has faced some form of injustice towards its minorities, be it color or religion. America is perhaps the only country in the entire world that has been founded on these principles, drawing in people from faraway lands to lead a life of freedom and justice. Over time, several amendments have been put in place to further the American cause for freedom and treatment towards its citizens.

However, black Americans, who were brought to America as slaves, could not get their due share of freedom until the civil war, President Lincoln and in the 60s, when Martin Luther King Jr. along with his country men fought for equal rights and justice. Several other ethnic minorities, Japanese, Mexican, Korean and even Indians, have faced some sort of discrimination or injustice, but black Americans, even after being born in US never got their share of equal justice. It is very sad that people like George Floyd have to sacrifice their life to demand justice. What makes things worse is when a leader of the country does not realize the pain and anguish, and adds fuel to the fire by making irresponsible statements, further complicating an already sensitive situation being faced by the country.

To make matters worse Trump had ordered military police to clamp down on mostly peaceful demonstrators. Most of his leading Generals and advisors, including Frank Allen, Former Commander of NATO, recently spoke against this anarchist move towards its citizens, citing this may lead to death of democracy in America. Trump has not only miserably failed with handling the pandemic but he might have put the last nail on the coffin of his re-election.

Several Presidents starting with Abraham Lincoln fought for equality and justice for America. When Obama became the first black American president, blacks thought they have finally achieved their rightful share of justice and treatment but with the incident of Floyd’s death, makes them feel their dream come true has merely been an illusion.

India is not far behind with regards to treatment of its minorities. Over centuries, especially the interpretation of the caste system, has kept India in a backward state. Even though we talk about our great philosophy starting with Vedas and Upanishads etc., when it came to practice we lagged behind. Not until Buddha, Guru Nanak and reformers like Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Mahatma Gandhi, did we begin to tread the path of equality. Even today, if you travel to interiors of India there is still brazen discrimination amongst citizens based on caste and religion and even region.

All over the world we face different problems and if we want real progress it cannot be just material progress alone but human development needs to be included in the consideration. Once human development takes center stage, all development will be humane in nature. This includes the natural environment and how we as nations deal with global warming and climate change.

Violence can never be overcome by force. Any leader, no matter how powerful, has to be balanced with the use of wisdom and understanding, to avoid loss of human life and property. It is still not too late, for President Trump to realize this universal truth and he must try his very best to bring peace and harmony to the nation which already faces a huge crisis with the pandemic.


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