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FREMONT, CA: On Sunday, April 24 2022, Bay Area Santram Bhaktas enjoyed Sundarkand Satsang with Pujya Haridas Maharaj, visiting from Santram Mandir, Nadiad, India.

SundarkandPaath was led by the Fremont Sunderkand Satsang group. They are conducting SundarkandPaath for last two decades in the Bay area of California. The group does Seva at no cost, as guided by BrahmalinNarayandas Maharaj and blessed by Pujya Ramdas Maharaj.

Fremont Temple provided facilities at short notice and more than 400 devotees attended and enjoyed Mahaprasad at 2.30 pm.

Maharajshreehas visited second time in the Bay Area and had lots of discourse on Sanatan Dharma, Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan, and Q & A at the temple plus at many devotees’ homes. Maharajshree had excellent conversations with the youth, he answered their questions and guided them very well.

Sundarkand 3The entire Santram Bhakta Group is thankful to Pujya Ramdas Maharaj and Pujya Haridas Maharaj, Fremont Temple, and all devotees who came together to make such a wonderful and memorable event. Also, many thanks to all volunteers and who arranged the program Satishbhai Patel, Amita Patel, and Ketan Patel who work hard to make this successful.

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