The Detailed Checklist If You Are Buying a Second Hand Activa 

The Detailed Checklist If You Are Buying A Second Hand Activa

The Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) launched the Activa model in May 1999. It is a scooter that generates 7 bhp power and has an engine displacement ranging from 109 to 125 cc. Further, the scooter is easy to maneuver on Indian roads making it an ideal choice among commuters.

Individuals on a tight budget can purchase the second-hand version of this scooter. However, before buying a second-hand Activa, one must remember to check certain aspects of the model. Even before diving into more such details, it’s best advisable to be prepared with more information about the bike, including errands like getting sorted with the paperwork, budget, and analysing the correct insurance plan when met with unfortunate events. 

An insurance policy not only protects the vehicle from unfortunate events but offers extensive benefits that will keep you away from financial losses. Buying insurance for your second-hand Activa is the best logical step. Once you have your Activa insurance in place, Everything else will happen smoothly & efficiently. Here are more details to check off while buying a second-hand Activa. Read the following: 

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Checklist for buying a second-hand Activa

A scooter purchase is a long-term investment that requires proper planning and thorough checks. Even though it is a second-hand product, it can still be guarded as new with an Activa insurance policy. The Activa insurance will provide extensive coverage despite the fact that if the two-wheeler is a first-hand or a second-hand vehicle.  Thus, before buying a second-hand two-wheeler, a rider must ensure it performs optimally by checking all the right boxes. 

Here is a thorough checklist to follow:

  • Checks of Paperwork

Here is some of the paperwork that you should look at. Originals of these documents should be checked carefully. 

  • Check the RC

The registration certificate of a scooter has details of the engine and chassis number. Ideally, the number printed on this certificate should match the one embossed in the Activa. Other than this, the RC includes details like the scooter’s colour, number of owners, etc. 

  • Check tax certificate

For respective states, individuals need to pay road taxes for their two-wheelers. The government levies this tax for maintaining roads, highways, bridges, and railway tracks. Similarly, before purchasing a second hand Activa scooter, one must check its tax certificate to ensure there aren’t defaults. 

  • Check if the Activa has a valid two-wheeler insurance

Potential buyers must know that third-party insurance for two-wheelers is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Without this basic insurance plan, one has to pay hefty traffic fines. Therefore, individuals planning to buy a second hand Activa must also check if the vehicle has valid insurance. Additionally, one can purchase Activa insurance from reputed insurers and choose a comprehensive plan for additional coverage.

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  • Check PUC

After passing the PUC test, every motor vehicle plying on Indian roads must possess a Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate. This certificate signifies that the vehicle is safe to drive on Indian roads and does not contribute to pollution. In case an individual does not carry this certificate, he or she will be liable to pay fines. 

The validity of this certificate depends on the results of the tests. While purchasing a second hand Honda scooter, a rider must check if the vehicle has a valid PUC certificate. 

  • Check NOC

When an individual travels on his/her two-wheeler from one state to another over a period of more than a year, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from a Regional Transport Office is mandatory. 

Thus, one needs to check the NOC of a second-hand Activa before purchase. 

  • Physical Inspection of Second-hand Activa 
  • Analyse physical damages

Rust, wear and tear are common for scooters used for a long time. A second-hand Activa might have a layer of rust on it naturally. However, if the rust runs deeper, one might need to change that part sooner than expected.

Replacing scooter parts can incur high costs that increase a rider’s financial liability. Thus, he should consider checking the scooter’s chassis for any visible rust marks before purchasing.  Second-hand scooters can carry light scratch marks due to the congestion in metropolitan areas. Therefore, one should look for visible scratches or deep marks that can tarnish the overall look of the scooter.

While purchasing a second-hand Activa, individuals should inspect the vehicle for any accidental damages. The signs of such damages include crooked and loose handlebars, bent or misaligned tyre rims, welded chassis and more. 

On noticing such signs, one must avoid buying such second-hand items.

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  • Check the engine

One must ensure the scooter’s engine is in a perfect working state as it is a vital part that helps in running a vehicle. An effective way to check the engine before buying a second-hand Honda scooter is by starting the engine and listening to any odd sounds. Such noises include piston slap, loose or broken rings, and non-uniform sounds. 

Apart from this, one can take a test drive and make sure the brakes, steering and road-holding capacity are in place. 

  • Check if the headlights and taillights are working properly

Ideally, a second-hand scooter’s headlights and taillights should work properly. An individual must remember to check both the blinkers and switches’ optimum functioning. They should also make sure the wiring and power joints are intact with proper insulation in place. 

Any damages to these basic features might incur heavy repair charges if bought in the first place. 

  • Take a test ride

A test ride is the overall physical exam of Activa. It will reveal whether there is any noise coming from the engine if the starter button works, if there is a leak and if the silencer is functional. This also gives you a guarantee of the comfort of Activa. 

  • Number of Kilometres 

The number of kilometres that Activa has run is an indication of the frequency of use. It also points towards how much wear and tear the engine has suffered. 

  • Check State registration 

The number plate of Activa should be of the state you are buying it in. If not, the fees should be paid to the RTO by the previous owner and the vehicle should be registered to get the new number. 

  • Things you should confirm with the owner

Apart from the checks listed above, always remember to ask the owner questions on why he/she is planning to sell their Activa. Questions as such will help you rebuild a better understanding to choose a second-hand bike. 

  1. Information and number of past owners – Since you are buying a second hand Activa it is important to know how many owners the vehicle has seen and the reason why it was sold. 
  2. Checking If it is refurbished – You need to look into what changes have been made when it was refurbished and what parts of the original Activa were retained. 
  3. Ask the history of the accidents – The owners should reveal if the two-wheeler has seen any accidents. This is particularly important in case there is an unfulfilled financial liability and there was friction between the parties that met with an accident. 
  4. Enquire on any pending fines – You are charged with fines and you have to go online to pay them. The physical receipt system has stopped and that is why there is no way to know if any fines are pending against the two-wheeler. 

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The owner is obligated to reveal this information and you can do the groundwork of your own to prevent fraudulent sellers from taking advantage of you! 

Once an individual is satisfied with the aforementioned checklist’s outcome, he or she can negotiate a price that will be best suitable for a second-hand Honda Activa. In this aspect, one can save substantial amounts and get a superior driving experience.