Since the advent of the Covid-19 Vaccine distribution, 47.7% of the total US population has been fully vaccinated. Americans are anxious to return to normal travel. On June 14th, the G7 nations vowed to pledge over a billion does of the Covid-19 vaccine through COVAX. Due to increases in vaccinations and stimulus checks increasing consumer demand, there are optimistic implications for tourism in the future. It is a good time to invest in stock trading of leading companies in the travel, leisure, and automotive industries. This includes companies such as Airbnb, Delta Air Lines, Tesla, and more. In doing this, you might consider diversifying your portfolio with CFDs from multiple markets.

Changes in the Lodging Industry

Consumers are choosing to lodge in different ways due to the pandemic. As pent-up demand for travel increases among consumers, consumers have changed where they stay when they travel. Some consumers believed that having a house to themselves was safer than sharing spaces in a hotel during the pandemic. Despite greater optimism about the pandemic coming to an end, consumers have maintained their preferences for Airbnb.

Airbnb boasts several lodging options from whole houses to apartments, making it attractive to families and single travelers alike. Lodging options also are located everywhere, from the wilderness to cities, providing more diverse options than hotels for consumers. Consumers are impressed by the cleanliness of lodging options and communication with hosts. Airbnb, therefore, is the future of tourism and is here to stay. It has annual growth revenue rates of over 25%, which is why you might consider share trading the stock using leverage to boost your investment up to 20 times.

The future of air travel

Although airline stocks took a significant hit during the pandemic, the arrival of increased vaccinations has caused greater consumer demand for air travel. This past Friday, TSA screened 2 million passengers, which is the greatest number since before the pandemic. American Airlines’ stock is up 49% since the start of the year and 64% in the past 12 months. Delta Air Lines (DAL) has climbed 16% this year and 71% since June 2020.

Airline stocks will likely experience growth in the long term as they continue to innovate and engage in safety techniques to restore travelers’ confidence in the face of Covid. Additionally, corporate travel will likely pick up in the coming months as executives want to return to normal travel. Although there remains some uncertainty about air travel due to the Delta variant, there is a clear path forward encouraging share trading in the airline industry.

The shift to electric vehicles in the automotive industry

During the pandemic, automobiles became the primary means of transportation for travelers as air travel was shut down. Road trips were a primary means of tourism. Although the world would like to get back to normal travel, road trips will still be popular in the future. Local “staycations” gained traction as local tourism continues to increase in popularity. The future of the automobile industry is electric vehicles as multinational automotive companies break into the industry.

Sustainability is crucial for automotive companies. The best automotive stocks to invest in are electric vehicle automakers such as Fisker and Tesla. Fisker has announced plans to build an electric car with a range of 400 miles on a single charge. This is crucial for long road trips since charging stations are still relatively scarce. Additionally, Tesla reported record profits of $438 million on revenues of $10.39 billion for the first quarter of the year. Therefore, you might consider investing in electric vehicle stocks to capture increases in the future of tourism.

The Rebound of Mega Hotel Chains

The pandemic severely impacted mega Hotel chains such as Marriot International Inc. and Hyatt Hotels Corp.. However, improvements in demand and continued growth this quarter have propelled the hotel industry. Mega hotel chains have devoted increased attention and resources to their procedures for hotel hygiene and cleaning.

This has instilled greater confidence in travelers and good news for the hotel industry. Although consumers might still be skeptical of hotel cleanliness, travelers are quick to forget and will be back to staying in hotels. There is a trend where travelers are getting out of the main cities for vacation, so villa resorts and different accommodation types outside cities will flourish. Hotel accommodations for different age groups will grow as well. Although business travel has not yet completely rebounded, business hotels might consider modifying their spaces to create co-working areas and offices to cater to the needs of business travelers.

The Bottom Line

The future of tourism lies in the leisure, automotive, and travel industries and presents good stock trading companies. First, the pandemic was a major catalyst behind changes in lodging as Airbnb became an attractive option to travelers. Second, air travel will continue to increase as more people get vaccinated.

This will lead to growth of airline stocks like Delta Air Lines and Southwest Air Lines as these companies continue to innovate. Third, electric vehicle companies are a good option to invest in as sustainability becomes a pillar for automotive companies.

This is important because road trips and car travel will remain popular options for consumers. Finally, mega hotel chains are rebounding as they implement cleaning procedures to instill confidence in travelers. These industries represent the future of tourism as the pandemic wanes and provide good investments for stock trading.