There is new hope, will try to live up to expectations: Modi

237977-modiinmumbaiNEW DELHI: Narendra Modi was unanimously elected as the leader of BJP Parliamentary Party today with the Prime Minister-designate saying the election result was a vote for “new hope and aspiration” and he would try his best to live up to the expectations of the people of the country.

During his acceptance speech, 63-year-old Modi broke down when he referred to L K Advani’s mention that he had done favor to the party by taking up the responsibility.

“Can serving the mother be a favor? A son is only dedicated to serve the mother….The favor has been done by the party,” he said addressing the newly-elected MPs of the party in the historic Central Hall of Parliament.

His name was proposed by party patriarch L K Advani and supported by a number of leaders, including Murli Manohar Joshi, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu and Nitin Gadkari.

Advani said Modi was a “popular” and “famous” leader and he was happy to propose his name. Joshi seconded the proposal with a sense of “pride” and “joy”. Swaraj hoped that Modi will be a “famous” Prime Minister.

After the election, Modi said the recent election result had increased people’s faith in democracy and there is a “new hope” among people that this dispensation can fulfill their aspirations.

Committing his government to all sections of the society, particularly the youth, women and poor, he said, “I want to assure the people of the country that there is no need for pessimism going by the past bad experience…I am a very optimistic man and only an optimistic man can bring optimism in the country.”

“I will try to live up to expectations of people,” he said and promised to present report card to people in 2019. Referring to the outgoing UPA government, Modi said he did not believe that the Manmohan Singh dispensation did nothing for the welfare of the people

“They did whatever they could. They deserve appreciation for whatever good they did,” he said.

In his address, the Prime Minister-elect observed that a hung verdict would have meant anger against the previous government but the clear verdict was a reflection of people’s trust in BJP.

“People voted for hope and aspirations,” Modi said to the thunderous applause. Modi described BJP’s victory a result of struggle of “five generations” of party leaders.

Resolving to fulfill aspirations of all section of people, he said his government would “think about the poor, listen to the poor and will live for the poor.”

“I am a very optimistic man; only optimistic man can bring optimism in the country,” he said.

Modi said his government will dedicate itself for the “poor, crores and crores of youth and for the safety and security of the mothers and sisters, those in the rural areas, oppressed and the deprived”.

Hailing India’s democracy, Modi said his elevation to the high post is a reflection of how a common man could aspire and achieve big goals.

“A new hope has arisen in the common man. This is the biggest significance of this election results. At the end of the day for whom is the government? It is for the poor,” he said. . Modi also asked party MPs to dedicate themselves to fulfill aspirations of millions of people and said, “We’re here not for posts but to represent the aspirations of 125 crore people.”

He credited party seniors and past generations for the spectacular victory and said Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s presence would have added more joy to the event.

“Had Atal Bihari Vajpayee been well, his presence would have been like ‘sone par suhaga’ (icing on the cake),” he said.

“You have seen Modi not because of Modi’s stature. You have seen me because party elders have hoisted me on their shoulders,” Modi said.

Speaking on the occasion, Advani had also became emotional while delving on party’s victory and Modi’s role in the election.

“I thank the party and Narendra Modi for doing the favor of letting me witness an unforgettable moment in our history,” he said.

Earlier, after arriving at the Central Hall of parliament, Modi touched Advani’s feet as the party patriarch greeted him.

In his address, party president Rajnath Singh described BJP’s spectacular victory as a “dawn of new era” and said the party fought the election on a positive agenda of development and good governance.

“For the first time, a non-Congress party has not only won the elections but also registered victory in 282 seats. We succeeded in taking the stature of BJP beyond Congress,” he said.

Singh said the new government will not only focus on economic growth but would equally priorities social welfare and overall development of all section of the society. -PTI

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