Tips To Treat Your Digestive Issues That Are Approved by Gynaecologists

Tips To Treat Your Digestive Issues That Are Approved by Gynaecologists

Right from the beginning of pregnancy till you give birth to your little one, you need to combat plenty of health issues. Everyone enjoys their pregnancy phase as it is something they can cherish forever. Carrying a life in your womb is undoubtedly a worthwhile experience. However, you need to tackle all the prominent health issues to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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But, before anything else, you need to be aware of the common health issues you might face during pregnancy. Among all the evident problems, gastric problems are one of the prominent ones. You might witness gastrointestinal complaints during different phases of your pregnancy. It is quite natural to have GI issues; there’s nothing you need to be worried about. Make sure to remain in touch with your gynaecologist in Chennai to better understand the problem and find the right solution.

Gynaecologist Tips For Gastric Issues During Pregnancy

Blame it on your organs, or bad eating habits, gastric issues are quite common during pregnancy and you cannot help it. All you can do is keep some quick tips and tricks up your sleeve to combat these issues.

Here are a few proven tips from a gynaecologist that will help you overcome common gastric issues:

#1 Remain Physically Active

It is probably the most common thing that you have been hearing. However, being physically active would be the last thing you would like to do while struggling with digestive distress. If you have been facing some gastric issues, a little stretching and moderate exercising can help you relieve the symptoms. Exercising will not only improve your digestion but also keep your muscles working. During pregnancy, you need to blend the right exercising routine that doesn’t impact your baby. Consult your physiotherapist or gynaecologist in Chennai to guide you.

#2 Try Water And Ginger Tea

It is the best home remedy you can try during a disrupted stomach. As we all know, water plays an essential role during pregnancy, and ginger is an excellent digestive element, drinking the concoction will help you a lot. It will hydrate your body and promote digestion. Water and ginger can also soften the stools and reduce the risk of constipation. You must again watch out what you eat during this phase, as many foods can lead to digestive issues. Not only for pregnant women, but ginger tea is also a digestion-friendly drink for stomach cramps, nausea and gas.

#3 Take Fiber Supplement

It goes without saying that fibre is an excellent digestive ingredient that can easily cleanse your body. It is a digestive agent that will detoxify your body by moving indigestible things to the digestive tract. Fibre supplements are good for overcoming the discomfort of indigestion. There are plenty of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables that you can consume during pregnancy to promote digestion. Inclining towards soluble fibres that easily dissolve with water is extremely beneficial for your body. Legumes, oats, oranges and carrots are some of the soluble fibres. Some insoluble fibres are also great for your digestion. Wheat bran, potatoes, cauliflower and beans are some of the beneficial insoluble fibres you can prefer.

#4 Probiotics

Probiotics are just good bacteria that your body needs for better digestion. These good bacteria are something you can consume, which are similar to the ones present in your body. Your lower-digestive tract comprises diverse and complex bacteria, and you need more probiotics that can work with those bacteria. There are plenty of benefits of consuming probiotics like it strengthens the immune system, manages weight, prevents constipation, etc. Some of the significant sources of dietary probiotics are yogurts, cheese, etc. Consult your gynaecologist in Chennai to suggest you the best probiotics during pregnancy.

#5 Manage Your Stress

Excessive stress can cause digestive issues. Also, stress is not at all good for your pregnancy. Stress simply slows down the digestion process leading to bloating and cramping. It can slowly lead to gastrointestinal distress which can affect your pregnancy to some extent. Manage your lifestyle and create a surrounding that will reduce stress. There are plenty of methods that you can opt to keep stress at bay.

Meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises can help you immensely to manage your stress. You need to surround yourself with people that add more joy and less stress to your life. If you have been dealing with stressful events, you can take a break to rejuvenate yourself. You can take a quick vacation that will take you away from the stress. Consult your gynaecologist in Chennai can also guide your in different ways to manage your stress.

#6 Know Your Triggers

Certain things often trigger digestive issues. You need to understand your digestive triggers to better prevent them. You can ask yourself a few questions like what you have been eating, what are your eating patterns, and what upset your digestion the most. When you find answers to these questions, you will be able to trace the common triggers that lead to digestive issues. Apart from your lifestyle choices, there are some medications that may lead to digestive issues. If some medicines have been causing digestive concerns, you can ask your gynaecologist to change your medications.

The Bottom Line

Common health issues can disrupt the harmony of your pregnancy. Digestive issues are quite evident at every stage of your pregnancy. It is important to understand what affects your digestion while you are pregnant and use the right method to combat the issues. Gynaecologists recommend keeping a watch on your digestive health before it can start affecting your pregnancy. The above mentioned were some of the gynecologist-approved tips for all those new moms-to-be who are going through digestive issues. Make sure to create a balanced diet that can help you achieve better digestion. 

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