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CHICAGO: City of Chicago recently announced a Vaccination Requirement that will come into effect January 3, 2022. Under this new requirement, which is designed to ensure all Chicagoans are protected during the latest COVID-19 surge, certain Chicago Park District programs and activities will require proof of vaccination. Please see below for an overview of what programs and activities are covered by the Vaccination Requirement, and visit the Chicago Department of Public Health’s webpage for more information.

The following individuals are exempt from the Vaccination requirement:

Youth 18 or under participating in Park programs or in any activity that is organized, sponsored or supervised by the Park District, Park District staff or managers designated by the Park District (this includes youth using Park facilities independently)

  1. Youth or adults participating in special recreation programs
  2. Spectators of indoor sporting events provided that no food or drink is being served and that they remain masked at all times
  3. The following individuals are required to submit proof of vaccination in order to enter and use Park District indoor spaces:
  4. Adults over the age of 18 taking part in indoor health and fitness programs (not including special recreation), utilizing our indoor park spaces independently or taking part in a sporting event.
  5. Adult spectators over the age of 18 if food or drink is being served
  6. Adults or youth participating in private events inside park facilities or activities that are run by private groups that rent out park space without supervision by Park District staff

This Vaccination Requirement will apply to individual parks as well as park locations that are independently managed, such as our sports centers.

Individuals that are participating in programs or activities that are covered by the Vaccination Requirement will be required to show proof of vaccination. Valid proof of vaccination include:

  • Valid photo ID (age 16+) AND
  • Vaccination Card
  • Photocopy of vaccination card
  • Digital record or app OR
  • Printed record from vaccine provider

For more information, including an FAQ and additional exemptions, visit the Chicago Department of Public Health’s webpage. Additional information will be sent directly to participants of covered programs on how to comply with this requirement.

Face coverings are still required for all individuals in all public indoor park settings.

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