Watch Live tv news streaming online on mobile

Watch Live tv news streaming online on mobile

Be quick to stay updated with the latest news and breaking alerts from India and around the globe on your mobile with YuppTV anytime, anywhere. YuppTV, the worlds most preferred platform for streaming Indian content, has more than 300 TV channels that include movies, TV shows, news, entertainment and much more. The platform not only provides endless entertainment but also keeps users informed about the changing events worldwide. Download the YuppTV app from the play store and AppStore and access all popular Indian channels and Live TV news.  

Access all major Indian live TV news on your mobile and stay informed about important happenings, concerns and ideas. News lets you form opinions, make better judgments freely and evenly and make the best decisions. Every individual has the right to know and understand everything around them, which affects their better living. Be it political, foreign affairs, global economy, climate change or technology, it is essential to know and be aware of the changes. News educates users of the policies, strategies, guidelines of government and administration. News simplifies complicated things and informs the viewers. 

News consumption has changed over the years due to various things. Technology has made it easy to access news on the go at a lower price with less data usage. The new generation is accessing news feed through epapers, websites, articles, podcasts. However, live TV news is effective, fast and easy to understand. Today’s live news channels not just present news but discuss and debate by making meaningful analyses. News plays a vital role as a mediator between people and the world. The media questions the people in power about the pressing issues and informs their stand. TV news is the mainstream media today that frames people’s opinion and influence them. Bringing relevant issues to discuss, fact checks the sources and presenting in an unbiased way must be the primary responsibility of the mainstream media. 

Watch live news on ABP News, NDTV, Zee News, Republic TV, Sakshi TV, TV9, Aajtak, NTV, Times Now, NDTV Profit, Zee Business, Captain News, Seithigal TV, Manorama News, News7, ABP Majha and many other national and regional news live TV channels. News and current affairs in regional languages help users understand the critical issues in their local language. News in India has come a long way in all these years. From five minute bulletin to nonstop news throughout the day, communication has evolved to keep the viewers informed about their surroundings.

Live TV news guides viewers to witness significant events in real-time. The most significant contribution of TV news channels is to burst the rising spread of fake news. With social media gaining significant importance and easily accessible, fake news spreads like haywire and builds a false narrative. This wrong narrative often creates havoc and unpleasant turmoil. Since news influences and makes us believe, TV news must present facts and figures to let users take a well-informed stand. TV news must present authentic news from credible and trustworthy sources. It must be interpreted appropriately as it influences and persuades the audience. 

Along with live news, watch latest superhit films, TV serials, top-rated shows, live sports and much more on YuppTV without interruption and enjoy an enriched viewing experience. YuppTV application is supported on smartphones, laptops, PC, tablets, Roku, Firestick and other Internet-enabled devices. 

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