Your Favorite Investment Plans are all Online Now

Every drop counts. Every penny matters. Every second reaps.

They say that many a little makes a nickle and we know each one of us has heard of the thirsty crow story a hundred times in our childhood. But what we forget is that the same moral applies to our individual lives as well, especially when things come to investment.

To the people who earn either through business or services – their ultimate aim somewhat falls to investing in plans which will bear them the sweetest fruits in the near future. This is the single mistake that all of us make while setting the base of our investment plans.

We go wrong when we establish in our minds that investing a small amount for a smaller period of time can yield a huge profit. There are several scams coming forward, which needs no introduction here. So, practically there is no shortcut to earning out of the investment.

Too blunt to be true? Let us keep it this way – smart planning and investment can yield you the best profits. And by smart we definitely mean proper planning, giving it ample time, and investing at the right time on the right investment plans.

The ultimate question, we swear by, the last question – Where do we get to know about these investments?

We ask – in what world are you living in? (Did we say the last question? – Who’s counting?) This is the time of the millennial, the 21st century where technology has not just reached the moon but mars. Every question you need to be answered is available on one platform called the internet. We need not tell you about it since you are using one to fetch those answers here. So, without wasting any single line and your scrolling strength, below are the investment plans one must invest in and are available online. Therefore, these require no agents or third-party help too.

  1. Public Provident Fund

The public provident fund (PPF) is literally one of the most popular long-term investment schemes available in India and is backed by the government of India. And as you may also be aware that the PPF is one of the safest offers which is both attractive and lucrative in terms of the output one receives after investing. There is a lot of information available on POF on the official government site. However, for starters, one can invest from a small amount of Rs. 500 to 1,50,000 in one financial year. Additionally, you can take loans, extensions, and withdraw your amount anytime.

  1. Mutual Fund

Above we spoke about investing a small amount and getting higher returns, right? We won’t say Mutual Funds will provide you with the same, but it is one of the investment plans that will eventually lead you to some lucrative returns. With a small amount of investment on a month, bi-monthly or yearly basis you can receive a handsome amount in your account. Won’t that be great? It is the only reason people are attracted towards mutual funds.

  1. Direct Equity

Were the above two plans too easy-breezy for you? If you want an investment plan that needs more aggression – Direct Equity is the answer. One needs to have a very keen knowledge about the movement of stocks in the market. It is certainly not a cup of tea for everyone. However, if you excel in the art of investment in direct equity, you will yield amazing returns. You can invest in direct equity anywhere and anytime. Who knows you might just prove us wrong and yield great returns with little investment for a small period of time.

  1. National Pension System

What is your definition of investment? You might have an investment thought back of your mind which will help you after your retirement days, isn’t it? The NPS, National Pension System is one such “well-defined” investment plan that allows you to invest your money in different assets. You can either choose your investment according to your age and thereafter divide in various assets, or you can also choose the amount depending on the asset you want to invest in.There are several features and conditions regarding the NPS, which are easily available online on the official website.

  1. Life Insurance Plans

Is a life insurance plan an investment product? There might be a huge question mark on your face – but of course,life insurance plans are investment plans. There are several life insurance plans available online today. Internet has made buying insurance online an easy affair.

If you want to buy life insurance online, there are plans like term plans, which give you higher coverage at a very low price and help secure the financial future of your family. Reputable insurers like Max Life Insurance offer various benefits with term plans like availability of rider facility, tax saving benefits, milestone-based planning and so forth. Then there are retirement policies or Unit-linked insurance plans (ULIP) which are readily available online and can be used for different goals like retirement planning, child education, marriage etc.

The quick availability of online insurance plans makes it all the more easy to invest. However, there are certain points like the adequate cover, time period (whether long-term or short-term), claim settlement ratio, riders, and several other details that one should keep in mind while investing.

These were the most conventional, modern, technology-oriented investment plans, which are available online. So, start investing little and earn mickle!