6 Reasons to Play Rummy Online Vs Offline

6 Reasons to Play Rummy Online Vs Offline

In India, celebrations and get-togethers are incomplete without a game of Rummy cards. Almost every other household in the country has funny stories and incidents around playing this card game. From old folks to the youngsters, Indian Rummy has been a part of the country’s tradition and culture for centuries. It is this deep love for the game, its ever-increasing popularity, and the passion of this game that has driven people to accept and popularize Rummy online

While offline Rummy can be only played when there are people around (minimum 2 players are needed), online Rummy can be played anywhere and at any time. People who are extremely passionate about this game are quickly making the shift from offline to online due to its convenience and ease of playing. For instance, you can play rummy on MPL by simply downloading the game on your mobile device – it can be your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. 

Here, take a look at some of the most compelling reasons that favor playing online rummy over the offline version. 

1: Online rummy can be played on all devices 

Want to play rummy whenever and wherever? Online rummy grants your wish. Be it desktops, tablets, laptops, or smartphones, you can download the game and play it. The online rummy game is designed in such a way that it readily adapts to any layout or interface regardless of the screen size. The game’s interface is user-friendly and it creates an entertaining and engaging environment where players will be hooked for hours. 

2: Play with other rummy game lovers from across the globe 

The coronavirus pandemic has already warned people against large gatherings. Since rummy is a game that is best enjoyed during get-togethers, you may have to wait a long time to get your friends together under one roof to play offline rummy. The alternative? Online rummy doesn’t involve any physical gatherings, but you can still connect with other players from around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll always find players who are online and willing to join the game. On the other hand, the offline rummy game involves a lot of planning and if your friends aren’t free, you might be disappointed. 

3: Online rummy lets you play different varieties of the game 

You can play online rummy with 2 players or 6 players. You can choose to play a normal round of rummy or you can join tournaments and leagues where you will be competing with players with similar skill sets. Joining tournaments and leagues is fun as there is a thrill of beating your opponents and seeing your name appear on top of the leaderboard. So, browse through the rummy app, find your favorite variant of the game and join the table. You are guaranteed to stay engaged for several hours. 

4: There are no chances of cheating when playing rummy online 

While playing offline rummy, a lot of players feel that the dealer hasn’t shuffled the cards properly. There are also instances where points weren’t counted properly because they were distracted. Whatever the case may be, ardent lovers of the game don’t enjoy such situations and consider them cheating. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about all this when playing the game online. In online rummy, everything is automated. The cards are always shuffled properly and the points are also calculated automatically. Since there are no human interferences, the chances of cheating are zero. You don’t need to expose yourself to unfair gameplay. 

5: Fully automated, fast gameplay 

The smooth game interface that enables fast gameplay is one of the USPs of online rummy. Shuffling and distributing cards is fully automated and this sets the ball rolling. There is a clock that ticks during each player’s turn. This clock indicates the time that a player can take to either discard or pick up a card. So, players cannot slack off or take a lot of time and the game continues quickly. This ensures that players are always on their toes. The environment of urgency created within the rummy app makes for an unforgettable gaming experience. 

6: Great for fighting boredom when you’re alone

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the sources of recreation have somewhat become limited. People are still wary of being a part of large gatherings and remote working is continuing for a lot of people. Hopefully, things will change after the vaccine comes out. But, until then, how can you keep yourself entertained within the four walls of your house? You can play the highly-engaging game of rummy online and make virtual friends. This card game will keep boredom away and keep you engaged. 

But, not just when you’re home, you can play online rummy even when you’re traveling a long distance and getting bored during the journey. The game can be your source of entertainment when standing in a long queue or when you have taken a break from work. 

Final thoughts 

Offline rummy is great and a wonderful way to have a fun-filled time during any celebration. But, it isn’t convenient to always play offline rummy. For instance, you cannot bring out your rummy cards when you are at the bank and waiting for your turn. Also, you cannot play card games whenever you feel bored. You need to be with 6 people or at least 2 or 3 for the game to be interesting. 

Online rummy, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any constraints. The game can be played whenever you want and whenever you want. It can be played on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. There are always players who are online and you can join their table. You can even play with players who have the same skill sets as you. What’s more, if you’re someone who seriously loves playing rummy and hates any form of cheating, online rummy promotes fair play, and the process of shuffling cards, distributing them, and recording the points are automated.

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