A Russian touch in India

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To celebrate the International Women’s Day, the ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi, held an exhibition of paintings by Ludmilla Chakrabarty. The exhibition titled, “From my Quill to the Canvas: A Tribute to Femininity”, was inaugurated Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka, and Shovana Narayan.

In addition, the artist’s new book, A Pearl in the Oyster, was unveiled at the opening of the exhibition on March 7. The event continued till March 14.

The Tribal World

Ludmilla is of Russian descent. While in Russia, she taught English at the University of Tver, and also wrote a regular column in the newspaper, Sestra.

After marriage to an Indian orthopaedic surgeon, she has been living in India. Now she combines two professions, that of a lecturer of English and presentation skills, and that of an artist and book illustrator.

Ludmilla’s first book of stories, The Winged Tree and other Fairy Tales, was published by Rupa & Co.

After numerous solo and group shows in India and Russia, Ludmilla developed a liking for the rich Indian culture. While following the tradition of the Russian School of Art, now she is able to embellish her artwork with the Indian sensibility eagerly acquired by her during her stay in this great, and in many respects, unique country.

“After the years spent in India it is no longer a foreign land for me. And if you ask me what are the things that I enjoy most, I’ll tell you that I like the taste of a freshly baked roti in winter, the smell of the earth after the relief rain in May, the twittering of birds in the early summer morning, the intoxicating fragrance of the ‘drunken sailors’ and a cup of tea after my ‘imperial snooze’ on a hot Sunday in summer,” says Ludmilla.

The Anthology of Face e1552460559710 “When I put a canvas in front of me, routine ceases to exist. Silence starts talking; darkness changes into light, and the music of colour spreads all over. Little by little faces and figures that appear on my canvas start telling me their stories,” she adds.

About her new book, A Pearl in the Oyster, Ludmilla says, “This eclectic collection of writings happened on its own while I was busy pursuing a career in the fine art of painting. Being wholeheartedly involved in this occupation, I allowed the richness of life to stir my creative juices to the extent of their spilling over on paper.

“Two countries, India and Russia, speak out of me now. They also provide me with the generous winds of inspiration, impact me deeply with the precious material of people and situations and give me the opportunity on behalf of my characters to meditate on the endless questions that life puts to us.

“I would like to believe that both in my painting and in my writing, I create a world of my own. Sometimes, though, I get the feeling that I only reflect what is already there, but this eternal desire to explore the world around and myself as a part of it motivates me to go on with this most exciting quest.”

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