Adopting ‘We Assure’ – A Responsible Luxury Initiative

Adopting ‘We Assure’ – A Responsible Luxury Initiative

ITC Grand Goa, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa re-opens

GOA:  World’s Largest LEED Platinum Rated hotel chain, ITC Hotels has strengthened the #WeAssure program. Having envisaged Responsible Luxury, a decade back, ITC Hotels embedded several best practices in its DNA and laid benchmarks for responsible hospitality.

While ‘WeAssure promised stringent clinical levels of hygiene through NABH Accreditation & DNV-GL Business Assurance certification in progress, ‘WeAssure seeks to further redefine hotel operations along the lines of social distancing, well-being and contact light services, offering guests unparalleled comfort with peace of mind.

Precautions are necessary to maintain well-being. At ITC Hotels, all additional safety measures have been deployed to mitigate the risk of infection. These conform to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and Indian Tourism ministry.

The ‘new normal’ protocol makes thermal screening, safe distancing and usage of masks mandatory across all levels of operation at the hotel. Usage of disposable gloves during service and additional protective gear, where required is also being followed.

The guidelines have been implemented for both associates and hotel guests. Adding to responsible hospitality, associates & managers are being trained for Hygiene Certification in aspects of FSSAI Regulatory Guidelines, Cleaning & Disinfection near to Hospital Grade and Control & Monitoring of Food Safety & Hygiene Standards. ITC Grand Goa re-opens.

Right from an online reservation to an online payment process the booking method remains seamless. Followed by low contact check-in experience where-in mandatory documents are collected prior to arrival and later an e-folio sent on checkout.

The check-in counters have a welcome separator installed to maintain a low contact experience with the guest. Touch points across public areas are being cleaned multiple times a day with sanitizers and disinfectants conforming to near clinical hygiene levels. Seating at the lobby and restaurants has been reconfigured to ensure safe distance. A physical distancing policy has also been implemented, with floor guides serving as reminders.

A number of operation related activities have been digitalized thereby enabling contact light services. QR Friendly In-Room Dining menu, Guest Service Directory, Digitalized restaurant menus and Check-In & Check-Out processes empower the guest to stay safely distant.

The advanced sanitization methods deployed in guest limousine services and baggage duly tagged as ‘Sanitagged’ provide guests an added reassurance. Extreme importance has been accorded to distancing in guestrooms. Rooms are located in separate villas spread across five courts. Each room has its own private balcony ensuring that a guest can relax in the comfort of his own room. Prioritizing guest safety above all, the rooms are serviced only when guest is away from the room after soliciting a time.

As their “home away from home”, these rooms follow a rigorous cleanliness protocol adhering to clinical levels of hygiene and undergo a thorough deep-cleaning program with advanced disinfection

applications. The rooms are sanitized after every guest departure and are not sold for next 24 hrs. post guest-departure.

ITC Hotels are amongst the very few chains today who operate a state of art ISO 22000 Food Safety Management quality accredited Microbiology Labs which enable a systematic, preventive approach to food safety and cuisine hygiene.

ITC Hotels has implemented strict ingredient regulations, and frequent disinfection of the kitchen area along with consistent sanitization of equipment, cutlery and crockery. At the restaurants, ITC Hotels have enabled contact light cuisine experiences while observing safe distancing in restaurant seating, use of appropriate protective gear by associates, enabling e-menus and contactless payment modes.

Food & Beverage offerings are being re-engineered for the ‘new normal’. While the Grab&Go breakfast design offers guest the option of a contactless breakfast experience in their room where the ordered menu selection is delivered to guests’ rooms with no physical contact between butler and guest, the ‘Knock n Drop’ time saver dining experience is an optional offering, delivered to guest in the privacy of their room, minus any contact with service associates.

With homes being the new epicentre, ITC Hotels recently launched ‘FLAVORS’ take away service that operates with zero contact delivery as well as its home delivery initiative with Swiggy and Zomato. The special take-out counter at each hotel has been enhanced with hand sanitizers and thermometers to assure the health of the local delivery partners. Adding to its responsible hospitality initiatives, self-car parking is recommended for those who are driving down to Goa.

In addition, our journey towards the accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) will enhance existing procedures and controls at ITC Hotels thereby conforming to hospital level hygiene standards. DNV GL Business Assurance, which helps businesses assure the performance of their organization, is developing a model, built around the three pillars of – Health, Hygiene, Safety and Pathogen control. These assurance certifications will stand testimony to the rigorous hygiene protocol being put in place to ensure the safety of guests and associates at ITC Hotels, across India.

‘WeAssure’ is a holistic program that addresses all facets of hotel operations – from revised protocols for back of the house activities such as receiving store, back offices, laundry, to the public areas with heightened sanitization measures for guest luggage, elevators to room service.

“ITC Grand Goa looks forward to creating memories for all guests who plan to visit Goa and make it their home away from home’’ said Mr. Bhagwan Balani, General Manager – ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa

About ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa

Nestled in serene south Goa, amidst 45 acres of lush landscaped gardens, swaying coconut palms and shimmering lagoons, ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa houses 252 well-appointed rooms and suites with direct access to the pristine Arossim beach.

The architecture of our village-style Resort draws inspiration from the Indo-Portuguese vintage and blends classical elegance with a distinctive regional allure that’s infused in its service, superlative culinary experiences, an award-winning Spa, one of the largest swimming pools, picturesque banquet spaces and Ollie’s Club for young guests. Coupled with personalized service, the experience at ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa is impeccable. For more information and reservations, visit


Sustainable business practices, which respect the environment and society, have always been the DNA of ITC Hotels. Since pioneering the concept of “Responsible Luxury” in 2009, ITC Hotels has commissioned numerous planet positive initiatives, which range from the use of renewable energy which today powers more than 57% of ITC Hotels electrical requirement to an over 50% reduction in water consumption over the last five years to name a few and amongst the first hospitality chains to discontinue use of ‘Single-Use Plastic ‘across its operations.

Over the past ten years, ITC Hotels has introduced many responsible initiatives like heightened focus on Indoor Air Quality, installation of Radiation harmonizers that mitigate the harmful effects of radiation at all ITC Hotels and the Sleep Program.

With ‘Responsible Luxury’ as its guiding premise, ITC Hotels is committed to delivering luxury experiences with sustainable practices embedded in the process – an endeavor which has manifested in the coveted LEED*® Platinum rating for all its luxury hotels, making ITC Hotels amongst the ‘Greenest’ luxury hotel chains in the world. (*Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design – by U.S. Green Building Council and the Indian Green Building Council)

Namaste at ITC Hotels is not only a heartfelt welcome; it is inspired by our ancient scripture ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which prescribes the dynamics of the host and guest relationship. Namaste acknowledges the honor in being a host and to look after guests in the most responsible manner without compromising the high standards the guest has come to expect. It is a call from within that keeps the Indian Values alive, pure and timeless.