An overview of Dubai Visa

An overview of Dubai Visa

Dubai visa is a single point visa enabling your transit to Dubai. This is valid for a period of 14 days and is a non -extendable one. For an individual who is planning a short trip Dubai Visa for Indians is beneficial. You can avail the visa by yourself or seek help from an agent. Basically this is a paper visa meaning that the visa will be a pdf and when you are planning to visit Dubai you need to take a printout of the same. In the country of Dubai, there are various types of visa that you need to be aware

With your visa copy along with your passport, you have to be present. In case of any medical emergencies, you might be asked to present your travel medical insurance coupled with the proof of funds that you might need while travelling. There are a lot of travel insurance companies taking care of your insurance needs. Sometimes you might also have to specify the intent of travel along with accommodation arrangements if they are any.

The documents needed for a Dubai visa

  • The scanned copy of the first along with the last page of your passport. From the date of your travel, the validity of the passport has to be 6 months with a minimum of 3 blank pages
  • On a white background a scanned copy of your photo
  • Your PAN card copy

The process to apply for a Dubai visa

Be it a Dubai Tourist visa you can apply for the process online. There are some agents who promise a 100 % cashback on visa application if you apply through them. Most of them do have a simplified process of visa application

  • On the right-hand side there is a process of visa apply
  • Certain basic information in the form of your personal details along with the date of travel has to be provided
  • You have to complete the initial payment
  • Once the process of visa approval takes place you will be notified via SMS and an email.
  • If there is any pending payment left you have to complete it and avail the Dubai visa by logging on their portal

The best part about these companies is that they ensure that the process of visa application is smooth and easy without any scope of rejections.

Other pointers to keep in mind when you are applying for a Dubai visa

  • You have to apply for Dubai visa 30 days well in advance. All the better if you apply it 30 days before you are planning to travel
  • As far as the visa fees are concerned it is same for the adults and even kids
  • An Indian resident who plans to visit UAE can apply for a visa. There are citizens of certain countries in the world that have a facility of visa on arrival.

To sum it up these are some of the pointers you have to be aware before applying a Dubai visa

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