As COVID-19 cases rise, experts say though symptoms are mild, maintain caution

NEW DELHI: As COVID-19 cases have shown a rising trend across the country, an expert said that though the majority of cases have mild symptoms, but one must maintain caution. Senior Pulmonologist at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, Dr Nikhil Modi said that COVID cases increased in the last 10 days not only in the national capital but also in other cities. “But most of the cases are mild,” he added.

Suggesting taking precaution and implementing a strategy to curb the spread of the virus, Dr Modi said that masks must be worn. “If cases continuously rise, then more precautions need to be taken,” he added. Dr Modi also said that those infected with the COVID-19 are showing digestive problems like diarrhoea.

“This time people are coming up with diarrhoea but symptoms are milder now. Very less hospitalisation has been seen. The people who come under Comorbidities are reporting hospitalisation,” he said.

Dr Modi also stressed on the ongoing vaccination of children against the virus as they might act as carriers of the virus.

“It’s a very important step because they are the ones who aren’t vaccinated. So they can act as a carrier of COVID virus in their bodies and multiplication of the virus can be fast because people weren’t vaccinated and risk of newer mutations can also increase,” he said.

India has been reporting over 2,000 daily infections for the past few days. On Wednesday, India logged 2,927 cases and 2,483 cases on Tuesday. (ANI)