Azerbaijan invites Indians to ‘Take Another Look’

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NEW DELHI: Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) the national promotion body designed to support the growth of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry, launched its marketing campaign ‘Take another look’ at the 26th edition of SATTE 2019 – South Asia’s leading travel show being held at Greater Noida.

As part of its strategy to present a new portrait of the country, enhance its destination value and double the current in-bound tourism by 2023, ATB launched its marketing campaign in India at the annual three-day B2B trade show designed to bring together the key travel industry leaders in the region.

Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Azerbaijan has nine of the world’s eleven climate zones, offering travelers a European experience at affordable prices all year round.

The Caucasus country is currently on the cusp of a tourism boom as it welcomed a record number of in-bound visitors spending more than US$ 2 billion in 2018, making it one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

Indian passport holders are eligible for E-Visa to Azerbaijan, which is processed online within 3 hours through the new simplified electronic visa procedure. An Eastern country with a Western outlook, Azerbaijan is an exceptional combination of antiquity and novelty with several sites of interest. From Baku’s modern Flame Towers, to the depths of the medieval UNESCO World Heritage site, there’s something for everyone in Azerbaijan.

A constantly evolving tapestry of life and energy from bazaars to jazz clubs makes it an ideal destination for family holidays and honeymoon travel as well as a host for destination weddings.

For millennia, Azerbaijan has been at the crossroads of history. As a tourism proposition, Azerbaijan is a safe family-oriented destination that is supported by a rich history that dates back 5000 years and a composite culture that has evolved with the passing through of travelers along the Great Silk Road. The fire-worshipping Zoroastrians left their mark at Ateshgah, where the Fire Temple continues to amaze visitors with its spouts of flames and inscriptions in Sanskrit or Punjabi adorned by 19th century Hindu merchants. Agencies


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